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PROLOGUE: 1997 stories leading up to "Broken Trust"
May 8: Kamehameha, Lindsey criticized
May 9: Kamehameha protest planned
May 10: Saturday Update: "Like a civil war"
May 15: Kamehameha marchers: "We care"

May 16: Staff threatens to go public
May 22: Alumni stood-up by Bishop trustees
June 6: Kamehameha faculty goes public
July 16: Bishop trustees flunk in poll

August 9, 1997

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1999 stories:

Dec. 31, 1999
Bishop trustees fall from power ranks top story

Dec. 30, 1999
State questions panel's advice on trustee pay

Dec. 22, 1999
AG: Toss out Lindsey appeal of May removal

Dec. 21, 1999
Bishop board focusing on education, investments

Dec. 20, 1999
Bishop Estate faces $165 million tax bill
Wong pleads not guilty to perjury

Dec. 18, 1999
Trust renamed 'Kamehameha School'

Dec. 17, 1999
Much to be done in Bishop overhaul
Critics see hope ahead as last trustee falls
Peters theft charge dismissed

Dec. 16, 1999
Lindsey trial delayed for work on resignation

Dec. 15, 1999
Lindsey urged to quit by interim board

Dec. 14, 1999
Last trustee standing, Henry Peters resigns
Another removal trial set for Lindsey

Dec. 13, 1999

Dec. 11, 1999
Judge Chang accepts Wong resignation

Dec. 10, 1999
Grand jury indicts Wong on perjury

Dec. 9, 1999
Peters charges state misconduct

Dec. 4, 1999
For Wong, 'it took courage to resign'

Dec. 3, 1999

Dec. 1, 1999
Judge OKs $9 million IRS settlement

Nov. 30, 1999
State says trustees should repay for polls

Nov. 25, 1999
Kamehameha to build Big Island campus

Nov. 23, 1999
Probate judge would pick Bishop board

Nov. 19, 1999
Bishop Estate lobbied White House

Nov. 16, 1999
Wong considers permanent resignation
Rep. Herkes: IRS forcing him not to run

Nov. 13, 1999
Peters, Stone conspiracy charges dropped

Nov. 12, 1999
Estate polled districts of political allies

Nov. 11, 1999
Lindsey sues estate insurance company

Oct. 23, 1999
Wong, Peters denied in removal appeal

Oct. 20, 1999
Legality of Bishop Estate polls questioned

Oct. 14, 1999
Peters no-show at scheduled deposition

Oct. 12, 1999
Bishop Estate eyed move to Dakota
Lindsey faces more IRS problems

Oct. 9, 1999
Bishop attorneys ask judge to OK IRS settlement

Oct. 1, 1999
Court panel: Set trustee salary at $97,500

Sept 28, 1999
Feds subpoena tax records of Lindsey, Wong, Peters
Stender submits unconditional resignation

Sept 24, 1999
Trustee pay set at $15,000 a month

Sept 23, 1999
Ex-trustees considered moving Bishop Estate
High court rejects Wong, Peters appeals

Sept 22, 1999
Zero salary for trustees, study says

Sept 18, 1999
Kamehameha Hilo campus plan backed

Sept 15, 1999
Master: Estate must pay most legal bills

Sept 14, 1999
State seeks new trustee process

Sept 4, 1999
Trial to oust trustees set for Dec. 13

Sept 3, 1999
Peters wants judge off his case

Sept 2, 1999
Peters claims judicial bias

Sept 1, 1999
Wong, Peters ousted again

Aug. 31, 1999
Kamehameha opens first neighbor isle campus

Aug. 30, 1999
Kamehameha opens Maui K-6 campus

Aug. 27, 1999
Judge denies Lindsey petition to dismiss

Aug. 26, 1999
Stender proposes Kamehameha voucher system

Aug. 24, 1999
Holt plea bargain: Guilty of fraud
Peters blames tax guru for IRS problems
Permanent ouster of Peters, Wong demanded

Aug. 23, 1999
Proposed deal: Pay IRS $9 million-plus

Aug. 21, 1999
Decision to quit earns Jervis praise

Aug. 20, 1999
Letter of resignation

Aug. 19, 1999
Estate co-investor sues for fraud over KDB

Aug. 18, 1999
Trustee pay to be overhauled

Aug. 16, 1999
Peters pleads not guilty to theft
Bronster: No political plans

Aug. 14, 1999
Trustees' attorney fees to be repaid

Aug. 12, 1999
Anzai: Three senators switched votes

Aug. 11, 1999
Interim trustees offer changes

Aug. 6, 1999
IRS: Bishop trustees overpaid
Peters booked, fingerprinted

Aug. 5, 1999
AG: Jervis destroyed evidence
Peters, Stone indicted again by grand jury
Ige's comments 'very inappropriate' -- Cayetano

Aug. 4, 1999
Peters asks for congressional help

Aug. 3, 1999
Chun: Kamehameha as indigenous model

Aug. 2, 1999
Ige pleads not guilty to charges

Jul. 27, 1999
Judge won't halt Peters grand jury
Trustees ask more time to oust former trustees

Jul. 24, 1999
Milton Holt fails drug test, goes to jail

Jul. 23, 1999
Trustees can't appeal ouster yet
Peters intends to return as 'rightful trustee'

Jul. 22, 1999
Exec helps grand jury in Bishop probe

Jul. 21, 1999
Grand jury hears testimony on alleged kickbacks
Cayetano insists no vendetta against Peters

Jul. 20, 1999
Peters claims to be victim of 'witch hunt'
Anzai cleared by Judiciary in Bishop case
Firm to study trustee pay levels
Ige seeks jury trial in campaign spending case

Jul. 19, 1999
Peters again faces grand jury in land deal

Jul. 17, 1999
State may appeal Wong dismissal order

Jul. 16, 1999
Former trustees targeted for Stender legal bills

Jul. 14, 1999
Sen. Ige arrested on campaign charges

Jul. 9, 1999
Interim trustees make big changes
Judge denies Lindsey's bid for new trial

Jul. 8, 1999
Let voters choose AG says GOP caucus

Jul. 7, 1999
Timing is everything in Anzai nomination
Fellow lawyers say Anzai has right stuff

Jul. 6, 1999
Governor appoints Anzai attorney general

Jul. 2, 1999
Judge says Peters didn't get fair hearing

Jun. 30, 1999
Wong grand jury proceedings halted

Jun. 29, 1999
Wongs take attorney general's office to court

Jun. 28, 1999
Legislature special session will be controversial

Jun. 25, 1999
Wong asks for grand jury halt

Jun. 24, 1999
Holt loses Bishop 'special' post

Jun. 18, 1999
Holt appears before grand jury

Jun. 17, 1999
Wong off the hook in land case, for now

Jun. 16, 1999
Judge throws out Wong grand jury indictments

Jun. 12, 1999
Bronster opponents denounced

Jun. 11, 1999
Ex-trustees must pay own legal bills

Jun. 10, 1999
Judge Weil details why she removed Lindsey

Jun. 9, 1999
Trustees' banking records subpoenaed

Jun. 7, 1999
IRS delays meetings with trustees

Jun. 5, 1999
Hearing postponed on trustees' removal

Jun. 4, 1999
Sen. Ige testifies before grand jury

Jun. 3, 1999
Sen. Ige's wife granted immunity

Jun. 2, 1999
Kamehameha groups meet with trustees

May 28, 1999
IRS says Lindsey owes $230,000 in taxes

May 27, 1999
Developer got Bishop incentives that others didn't
Kamehameha president says it is time to heal

May 26, 1999
POLL: Most believe Bronster ouster political
Aiea residents give Ige an earful
Bishop Estate official defends condo project

May 25, 1999
Estate gives campaign donor data to state
Judge fines Lindsey lawyer for delay

May 24, 1999
POLL: 9-out-of-10 back Bishop ouster
Ex-trustees' approval ratings at rock bottom

May 22, 1999
Ouster of Bronster may stir Senate

May 21, 1999
Bishop probe examines two isle architect firms
State shows why ouster of trustees is sought

May 19, 1999
Rotary gives Bronster a round of applause
Estate board against trustees' reinstatement
Hearing set on Wong motion

May 18, 1999
Estate spent millions with vendors
Wong seeks dismissal of charges

May 17, 1999
Trustees took $192,412 pay hike in 1998

May 15, 1999
Service commemorates historic march

May 14, 1999
Board aims to permanently oust former trustees

May 12, 1999
IRS wants ousters permanent
Estate guaranteed Rubin's holdings

May 11, 1999
Tax-status loss would cost estate

May 10, 1999
Estate names chief operating officer

May 8, 1999
Stender willingly steps down
Lindsey blames Stender, others
Interim board vows diligence

May 7, 1999
Lindsey's removal
Lindsey had the credentials
Tam back as estate CEO

May 6, 1999
Judge Chang' can handle it'

May 5, 1999
Peters: Estate may sue IRS
Kamehameha teacher files race bias suit

May 4, 1999
'Bronster session' nears end
Bishop Estate makes Goldman bundle

May 3, 1999
Democrats rip anti-Bronster senators

May 1, 1999
Bronster still has chance
Is trustee pay not 'reasonable'?

April 30, 1999
Estate inquiry to continue
Anger, distrust in Senate
Readers speak out

April 29, 1999
Cayetano: A deal was cut
Trustees deny ouster role
Bronster profiled
Trustees get raise to $1 million

April 28, 1999
Senate to Bronster: Thumbs down
IRS to trustees: Resign

April 28, 1999

Bronster Anzai ousted in Senate votes

April 27, 1999
Bronster confirmation: 'Voters are watching'

April 26, 1999
Testimony pro, con for Margery Bronster

April 24, 1999
Estate's transfer of investments OK'd

April 23, 1999
Bronster: Job in 'real jeopardy'

April 22, 1999
No lawsuit over Kitaoka suicide

April 21, 1999
Trustee Jervis weighs the future
Ige defends right to Bronster vote

April 20, 1999
Wong appraiser serving time
Governor fears Bronster vote

April 19, 1999
Wong pleads not guilty

April 17, 1999
Bronster hearing stirs many critics

April 16, 1999
Trust-law expert OKs Bishop Estate
Judge denies bid to dismiss Peters indictment

April 15, 1999
Master sides with estate on investment plan

April 14, 1999
Henry Peters: Embattled Empire
Trustee Wong, wife booked at courthouse
Faculty, estate reach tenative contract

April 13, 1999
Wong says he'll win
Kalele Kai condo deal
Wong backers stand up; Roth urges trustees to go

April 12, 1999
Trustee Wong indicted

April 10, 1999
Grand jury hears Wong's story

April 8, 1999
Judge clears way for Wong indictment

April 6, 1999
Asset manager: Estate 'well off'

April 2, 1999
Final arguments in Lindsey case

April 1, 1999
Final arguments in Lindsey case coming

March 31, 1999
Lawyers argue over trustee's removal

March 30, 1999
Both sides file arguments in Lindsey case

March 27, 1999
Teachers' union: Management manini

March 26, 1999
Removal trial of two trustees starts Monday

March 25, 1999
Why are trustees still on the job?
Grand jury expands inquiry

March 24, 1999
Holt pleads not guilty to diverting funds

March 23, 1999
Jervis 'deeply sorry,' in recovery
Kamehameha group petitions for removal

March 19, 1999
Jervis wins delay in removal hearing

March 18, 1999
Four more criminal counts for Holt

March 17, 1999
'Dysfunctional' trustees should resign
Holt ordered to drug treatment
Goldman deal valuation 'conservative'

March 16, 1999
Bishop deal could reap $450 million
Jervis remains at Castle Medical

March 13, 1999
Broken trust, broken lives: Husband speaks
Bishop's 'bizarre' scandal deepens
Spokesman: Mood on campus 'shocked, subdued'
Other reaction from around town
Estate of disarray: Timeline of the Bishop saga

March 12, 1999
Jervis recovering after overdose
Question: How to deal with scandal
Trustees saddened by week's events
Feds want Holt bail revoked for drug use
Testimony in Lindsey removal trial ends
Third witness testifies to Wong's grand jury

March 11, 1999
Wong's builder talks to grand jury

March 10, 1999
Wong: Lindsey report 'wake up call' on schools

March 9, 1999
Supreme Court upholds Bishop minutes ruling

March 6, 1999
Wong: No action taken on school morale

March 5, 1999
Wong again blames Chun

March 4, 1999
Wong blames Chun for schools' problems
Lindsey seeks to call high court justices to stand

March 3, 1999
Wong asks judge to block removal bid
Wong testifies in Lindsey trial

Feb. 26, 1999
Peters rejects criminal theft charge
Lindsey role in costly deal examined

Feb. 25, 1999
Lindsey defense starts telling her side

Feb. 24, 1999
Peters loses bid to dismiss criminal indictment
Yim report allowed as evidence in Lindsey trial

Feb. 23, 1999
Yadao: Lindsey ordered videotape of protest

Feb. 20, 1999
Chun portrayal a key dispute in Lindsey trial

Feb. 19, 1999
Peters seeks dismissal of charges
Chun: Lindsey report 'devatated' him
Majority trustees seek to overturn rulings

Feb. 18, 1999
Kamehameha's Chun testifies on climate of fear

Feb. 17, 1999
Lindsey plan ignored staff, says Stender
Panel named to address IRS audit

Feb. 16, 1999
Bronster testifies on Bishop probes

Feb. 13, 1999
Stender: Lindsey irresponsible, abusive

Feb. 12, 1999
Grand jury hears case against Wong

Feb. 11, 1999
Bronster must testify in Peters case

Feb. 9, 1999
Wong asks for delay of grand jury hearing

Feb. 5, 1999
Removal of trustees called 'irresponsible'

Feb. 4, 1999
Five trustees removed from IRS case
Testing expert calls Lindsey incompetent

Feb. 3, 1999
Lindsey denies threatening student leader
Testing expert: Lindsey report 'wrong headed'

Feb. 2, 1999
Lindsey 'points finger' at Yim in testimony

Jan. 30, 1999
Judge to rule on trustees' conflict of interest

Jan. 29, 1999
IRS eyes Kamehameha admission policy

Jan. 28, 1999
Bishop legal bills add up for both sides

Jan. 26, 1999
Attorney General resists testifying

Jan. 25, 1999
Peters leaves top bank post

Jan. 23, 1999
Trustees split over IRS audit

Jan. 22, 1999
Master seeks panel to assume trustees' tax work
Bronster likely to take stand against Peters
Estate's master can't be deposed

Jan. 21, 1999
IRS audit of Bishop Estate appears complete

Jan. 15, 1999
Judge won't block investigation of Wong

Jan. 14, 1999
Grand jury looks at trustee Wong

Jan. 12, 1999
Estate to hand over records of trustee meetings

Jan. 9, 1999
Lindsey says she is victim of a plot

Jan. 8, 1999
Lindsey says travel bills were related to business
Judge denies estate motion to disqualify fact-finder
Bishop Estate investigation cost state $800,000 so far

Jan. 7, 1999
Lindsey defends actions as trustee

Jan. 6, 1999
Lindsey gets a chance to tell her side of case

Jan. 5, 1999
Trail of 'harm and destruction' laid to Lindsey

Jan. 4, 1999
Jervis, in court, rips Lindsey

Jan. 1, 1999
High court bows out of Lindsey case
10 Who Made A Difference: Margery Bronster

1999 opinion:

December 29, 1999
Letters to the Editor

December 15, 1999
Peters' resignation from Bishop Estate

December 18, 1999
Lindsey's resignation marks battle's climax

October 8, 1999
End estate's tax-exempt status
Rubellite K. Johnson

October 2, 1999
Letters to the Editor

September 29, 1999
Letters to the Editor

September 27, 1999
Letters to the Editor

September 23, 1999
Should Bishop Estate trustees be paid?

September 15, 1999
Corky's Hawaii
Bishop trustees

September 9, 1999
Letters to the Editor

September 8, 1999
Letters to the Editor

August 30, 1999
Stender's proposes vouchers, privitization

August 28, 1999
Pauahi's will must stand
Henry H. Peters

August 25, 1999
Preserving estate's tax-exempt status

August 21, 1999
Jervis' resignation as trustee overdue

August 13, 1999
Use Yale as model for Bishop Estate
Robert R. Midkiff
Letters to the Editor

August 12, 1999
Selection of Bishop Estate trustees

July 12, 1999
Interim trustees are performing well

June 22, 1999
Kamehameha restores outreach programs

June 18, 1999
Letters to the Editor

May 31, 1999
Bronster aftermath

May 28, 1999
Life after being the A.G.

May 20, 1999
New trustees won't be permanent
A.A. Smyser

May 17, 1999
Letters to the Editor

May 15, 1999
Interim trustees deserve support
Letters to the Editor

May 14, 1999
Letters to the Editor

May 12, 1999
Letters to the Editor

May 8, 1999
Historic removal of Bishop trustees
A senator's vote against Bronster
David M. Matsuura

May 7, 1999
Lindsey's removal

May 6, 1999
Letters to the Editor

May 4, 1999
Bishop trustees are masters of delay
A.A. Smyser

May 1, 1999
Bronster backlash

April 30, 1999
Bishop trustees must be removed
Letters to the Editor

April 28, 1999
Letters to the Editor

April 27, 1999
Letters to the Editor
Corky's Hawaii

April 24, 1999

Bishop Estate shouldn't pay for trustees' lawyers
Special By Gladys Brandt, Walter Heen,
Samuel King and Randy Roth
"Broken Trust" Authors

Nothing doing at Legislature
By David Shapiro
Letters to the Editor

April 23, 1999

Duffy for appeals court
Letters to the Editor

April 22, 1999

Marshall Ige's conflict of interest on Bronster
Letters to the Editor

April 21, 1999

Senate should confirm Margery Bronster
Letters to the Editor

April 16, 1999

Letters to the Editor

April 15, 1999

Letters to the Editor

April 14, 1999

Wong's indictment should spur removal
Letters to the Editor

April 12, 1999

Letters to the Editor

April 10, 1999

Hawaiian tuition

April 9, 1999

Letters to the Editor

April 5, 1999

Letters to the Editor

April 2, 1999

Letters to the Editor

April 1, 1999

Letters to the Editor

March 27, 1999

Letters to the Editor

March 26, 1999

Letters to the Editor

March 25, 1999

Letters to the Editor

March 23, 1999

Letters to the Editor

March 22, 1999

Letters to the Editor

March 20, 1999

Mizuguchi could be next in line
By David Shapiro
Letters to the Editor

March 19, 1999

Leasehold conversion
Letters to the Editor

March 18, 1999

Letters to the Editor

March 17, 1999

Letters to the Editor

March 15, 1999

Trustees must be removed - now
Letters to the Editor
By Gladys Brandt, Walter Heen, Samuel P. King, Randall Roth

March 12, 1999

The Jervis tragedy
Letters to the Editor

March 8, 1999

Letters to the Editor

Feb. 26, 1999

Letters to the Editor

Feb. 25, 1999

Lindsey's tactics
Letters to the Editor

Feb. 20, 1999

Honolulu Weakly's conflict of interest
David Shapiro

Feb. 22, 1999

Letters to the Editor

Feb. 19, 1999

Letters to the Editor

Feb. 18, 1999

Special trustees
Letters to the Editor

Feb. 17, 1999

Spending commission curbs free speech

Feb. 15, 1999

Letters to the Editor

Feb. 9, 1999

Letters to the Editor

Feb. 6, 1999

Court order on Bishop trustees soundly based
Letters to the Editor

Feb. 1, 1999

Kamehameha Schools' threat from IRS
Letters to the Editor

Jan. 20, 1999

Trustee selection

Jan. 19, 1999

Political influence in selecting judges
A.A. Smyser
Letters: Status report from trustee selection work group
Letters to the Editor

Jan. 18, 1999

Letters to the Editor

Jan. 12, 1999

Letters to the Editor

Jan. 5, 1999

Letters to the Editor

Jan. 4, 1999

Top 10 editorial topics of the great '98
Diane Chang

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