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Wednesday, April 21, 1999


Bronster is one of our best public servants

I understand why those people who have been charged and prosecuted for years of abusing the state and people of Hawaii wish to stop the confirmation of Attorney General Margery Bronster.

And I'm afraid I understand why most of those who voice opposition are doing so; they might be next.

Legislators should think long and hard before they deprive residents of one of their best public servants.

Have you noticed the people are waking up to the abuses that have been imposed on us for many, many years? We're starting to pay close attention and to keep score.

Thanks to the Star-Bulletin for staying on top of a number of situations that are important to us.

Robert G. Devine
Ocean View, Hawaii

Don't give taxing power to the BOE

I cannot believe that the hair-brained idea of giving taxing powers to the Board of Education has gotten as far as it has. What a cop-out!

Now, after bungling the education system in this state for so many years ("an entire generation" by the governor's own admission), our lawmakers now want to pass off responsibility to the BOE. Hogwash!

We don't need another body in this state with taxing authority. Throwing money at an antiquated, top-heavy, union-mired education system is not the answer, anyway! Try "getting out of the box" by:

Bullet No longer tolerating violence and drugs in the schools.

Bullet Curbing absenteeism.

Bullet Eliminating social promotions.

Bullet Setting and adhering to standards for teachers, staff and students.

Bullet Decentralizing the system.

Bullet Empowering each school to hire and fire as it sees fit.

Bullet Working to lessen union control.

Bullet Eliminating tenure.

Bullet Making parents responsible and accountable for the actions of their own kids.

Michelle Kerr
Kamuela, Hawaii

City is treating golfers poorly

When it comes to the golfing public, the Harris administration uses promises and deceptive tactics. An example was the user fee increase in 1995, which was estimated to bring in an additional $2.5 million to be spent on course improvements and equipment. What happened to this money?

Then came the installation of the automated tee time in 1996, which was done over the objection of 95 percent of the golfers present during public hearings. The system is presently costing these same golfers approximately $120,000 a year in lease rental. Plus, the courses are taking huge losses because of the unreliability and ineffectiveness of the system.

Now the city wants golfers to accept a large user fee increase, an idea now before the City Council. This proposed golf fund will result in golfers paying for the city's debt service.

If this isn't true, what is the purpose of the proposal for the large user fee increase, and why is the $8.5 million assessment to the courses in fiscal year 1999-2000 labeled as debt service?

David M. Mendonca

"Michael felt he should perform
in Hawaii at the millennium
because it's the last chance
and place in the U.S. where
an American can enjoy this
once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Marcel Avram
Announcing plans for a concert by Michael Jackson
set for Aloha Stadium at the end of the year

"Even Al Capone
and his people, they never
indicted his wife."

Richard "Dickie" Wong
After Wong, his wife and his brother-in-law pleaded not guilty
in an alleged kickback scheme involving
trust land in Hawaii Kai

Clinton should lead battle charge himself

The tragedies occurring in Yugoslavia are beyond comprehension. The dislocation and destruction of lives and potential defy logic.

Beyond the human dimension, it is difficult to understand why the U.S. is involved; the application of our foreign policy, as it relates to America's vital interests, does not seem to calibrate.

The administration tells us that the only way to assure long-term peace is to send in ground troops. This may be worthy of consideration if President Clinton agrees to lead them into battle.

Dick Morris

Stop trying to divide Americans

Statistics can be manipulated to support a particular point of view, like Diane Chang's April 9 column on Equal Pay Day. Where are her statistics from, and who sponsored the research? What are some specific cases in which such discrimination occurs?

Why not discuss the underpayment of minority males in comparison to Caucasian females, which I'm sure exists as well?

There are so many articles that polarize Americans into groups: male vs. female, black vs. white, rich vs. poor. I wish more articles would unite us.

Rey del Rios
Via the Internet

Hawaii, Kosovo have something in common

The legislators and supporters who want to see firecrackers and fireworks explode uncontrolled, ad infinitum, because they don't negatively affect their lives, remind me of those who are saying about Kosovo: "The bombs don't bother me a bit. I don't know what those sissies are complaining about."

Rosemarie H. Tucker

Don't spoil the fun of holiday celebrants

Those who want to ban fireworks and fun should buy ear plugs and respirators.

Victor Weisberger

Don't let Lingle ruin Republican Party, too

On April 14, a front-page Maui News article described how Maui County lost nearly $13 million because 32 hotels were given a property tax break for five years by former Mayor Linda Lingle.

Connect the dots, folks. This is only the tip of the iceberg for what it really cost Maui in losses during the Lingle era.

Would you honestly buy a used car from this person, let alone elect her as leader of the Republican Party? Are you crazy?

The newspaper article also said Lingle was not available for comment. How typical. Perhaps she was out applying for a job.

We will be paying for Lingle's brand of leadership on Maui and Molokai for generations. Don't make the same mistake on May 21, at Hawaii's GOP convention.

Jane Ames
Kihei, Hawaii


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