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Bronster backlash
Illustration By Kip Aoki, Star-Bulletin

No other issue in recent memory -- including the possibility of a fireworks ban, sovereignty or same-sex marriage in Hawaii -- has ignited such immediate public furor as the Senate's 14-11 vote that fired Attorney General Margery Bronster on Wednesday.

Here is a small sampling of the emotionally charged feedback received from livid residents and mainland observers, whose magnitude of rage and disgust is simply off the charts.

Bronster wins
with public

In the two days following the state Senate's rejection of Margery Bronster's reappointment, the Star-Bulletin was besieged with hundreds of phone calls, e-mails and letters denouncing the vote. On Thursday night, callers filled up five tapes of recorded messages on our call-in line. More than100 comments supporting Bronster were submitted as Letters to the Editor; only two were opposed. One anti-Bronster letter was printed yesterday; the other is below.


'Senator Mizuguchi's dictum to his senators to vote their conscience presumes that they have one.'
George Nakamura

'It's a shame that laws against prostitution don't apply to the state Legislature.'
Alberta F. Flagg

'I thought the levels of corruption were downright awful four years ago when I departed...Are you a society of laws or lunas?'
Edward Spain
Suffolk, Va.

'She is not a loser by not being confirmed...she has won her place in Hawaii's history as an outstanding female leader, and as a mentor for today's girls.'
Joyce A. Richards
Director, Girl Scouts of Hawaii

'Too bad we have so very few good, honest senators...But then, we voted in these wimps in the first place, so this is our fault, isn't it?'
Tom Sugita
Pearl City

'If Margery Bronster doesn't want to be the next governor, let's give her Dickie Wong's job when he goes to jail.'
Alan Harris

Ousting Bronster was a misuse of power

Welcome to politics, Hawaiian style. Corrupt, stupid and without question an Old Boy network of incompetent individuals who abuse, misuse and confuse.

The rejection of Bronster is outrageous. It clearly illustrates how inept and self-serving our state senators are. How can you remove the only person who has stood for what is right?

The people of Hawaii should rise up and say, "We're mad as hell and not going to take it anymore."

Andrew J. Santos
Timothy Ho
Jay Zeller
Charles Young

Personal interest drove rejection of Bronster

I cannot believe the lack of integrity of the senators who voted against the reappointment of Margery Bronster. I am disappointed in the political process which penalizes people who "do the right thing."

This is a glaring example of all that is wrong with Hawaii's political scene, which is composed of people like Senators Norman Mizuguchi and Marshall Ige, who lack the fortitude and character to rise above personal interest and political obligations to truly represent the people who elected them.

Mae A. Chung
Via the Internet

And they said Republicans were the enemy

Funny, but wasn't it the Democrats who claimed that Linda Lingle would shut down the Bishop Estate investigation? Hopefully, these so-called representatives of the people will soon be just as unemployed as Bronster and Anzai.

James Ko
Via the Internet

Why the surprise at Bronster's removal?

Apparently, there is a silent majority out there that is:

Bullet Fed up with the mean-spirited "witch hunt" that Bronster has been conducting under the direction of Governor Cayetano.

Bullet Saddened by those Hawaiians who have been duped into turning against their own people and putting at great risk our princess' legacy.

Bullet Astonished that Cayetano, a master at cutting deals when he was a senator, is now crying foul. Give me a break!

Emma Villa

Hawaiian kids will be the ones to suffer

The senators who voted down Attorney General Bronster will pay for their vote trading at the polls.

I am truly sorry that they were unwilling to take the high road and stand up for principles and the educational rights of the Hawaiian people, granted under Bernice Pauahi's will.

It is the Hawaiian children who will lose again at the expense of the selfish and greedy.

Elaine Nishime

What the news behind the headlines really means

Headline in the news: "Senate votes down Bronster."

Headline BEHIND the news: "Don't buck the powerful unions, OHA and Bishop Estate."

Anson Rego

Democratic Party ideals are now dead

On April 27, the Hawaii Democratic Party -- built from the resolve of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team to stand up against injustices, such as the internment of Japanese Americans during the 1940s -- witnessed a total collapse of those ideals.

Attorney General Margery Bronster, who put herself on the line to stand up against corruption, lost the backing of those who could have helped her continue her work, namely the Democratic majority of the Senate.

The mighty pressures of the Bishop Estate were too great. In the end, the famous strength in spirit and resolve of the Democratic Party was overshadowed by a collective individual weakness in spirit, belief and principle displayed by the senators who voted against her.

Clinton Yuen
Pearl City

Senators did estate's dirty work

Shame on the senators who ignored the outstanding performance of our attorney general in favor of keeping on the good side of the Bishop Estate insiders, who have run this state into the ground.

There is an old political saying: When you are in a hole, stop digging. Apparently, we have a lot of shovels working overtime in state government.

Ray Cranage
Via the Internet

Bronster foes will lose votes

Senator Kanno, you will never again get my vote, along with 13 of your buddies. You all represent a Mafia-type presence in this state that will eventually be our downfall.

Sueann Carter
Via the Internet

Students were sold out

Whatever ostensible reasons for their votes, it is painfully clear that the senators who rejected Bronster sold out the children of Kamehameha Schools. Auwe. Shame on them.

Mary M. Fiedler

Let's clean house at the Capitol

Once again, the voices of Hawaii's people have fallen on deaf ears. Despite strong public support, Margery Bronster and Earl Anzai failed to get reappointed as attorney general and budget director.

Voters need to make their voices heard come election day, by voting against these incumbents and selecting new candidates who truly believe in serving the public.

Hayden S. C. Hu

We needed Bronster's courage

All the senators who voted against Margery Bronster get an "F" for failing the state of Hawaii. We needed an attorney general like her kicking okole and shaking things up

I will NEVER vote for Sen. Whitney Anderson ever again. I hope he will be pleased with that.

Joy A. Prucnal

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