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September 2002

[V.7, No. 243 - Sat., August 31, 2002]
UH cashing in on TV sales; Gov's race gets help from big names; Ala Wai dredging not a big stink; Lingle ethics complaint rejected; Outrigger project draws more support; Tanker dog welcomed home; Hawaiian language reaches across nation; More firms face fines over donations

[V.7, No. 244 - Sun., September 1, 2002]
Poll has Hirono leading; Diamond Head plan gets shakas; Key races: Senate District 1; Anatomy of a secret sub; Sub ownership unclear; Isle Bosnia troops nearly pau; Weekend Scene; Glitch hits UH pay-per-view; Grant timely for food bank; Slipper gift helps school
[V.7, No. 245 - Mon., September 2, 2002]
Seaport labor talks collapse; Cayetano's reviews mixed; Lingle leading Dem rivals; Woman gives schools fresh look; UH gets high-tech ship; Key races: Senate District 19; 1 juvenile escapee captured; Weekend Scene; 'Give Aloha' gives to NYC
[V.7, No. 246 - Tue., September 3, 2002]
Trust in politics tumbles; GOP seen as reform party; Waikiki hotels face strike threat; Dobelle to judge Miss America; Charter school study questioned; Hundreds rally for Liliuokalani; Key races: Senate District 20; Marsh restoration planned; Puerto Rico appeals for coqui
[V.7, No. 247 - Wed., September 4, 2002]
Final mission; Most say economy declining; Students make Sept. 11 mural; Pests bite farmers in wallet; Murine typhus hits Molokai; Trial opens in shooting death; U.S. dismissed as OHA suit defendant; USS Kitty Hawk captain relieved; Key races: Senate District 12
[V.7, No. 248 - Thu., September 5, 2002]
Harris jury begins inquiry; Possible strike triggers hoarding; Economy tops list of voter worries; Hotel union prepares to strike; Sparks fly over campaign reform; Case calls Hirono chicken; Newfound note from Capt. Cook; Motorists rush to replace tinting; HPD removes religious content from Web site
[V.7, No. 249 - Fri., September 6, 2002]
Jury looks at park work; Candidates rumble on air; UH coach Wallace's surgery a success; Anthrax hoax defendant pleads guilty; Strike preparations continue; Trade enters GOP race debate; New emergency center unveiled; Candidates focus on traffic woes; Patsy Mink hospitalized
[V.7, No. 250 - Sat., September 7, 2002]
Bustamante suspect let go; Warriors lose, but fans still cheer; Hotel workers weigh strike; Recruitment workshops to be held on Maui; Man gets life term for killing wife; Land use rules still ambiguous to church; EPA okays closure plan for Atoll; Patsy Mink in ICU

[V.7, No. 251 - Sun., September 8, 2002]
Never the same; Isles feel safe; Hotel strike averted; PRIMARY ELECTION GUIDE; HURRICANE INIKI: A decade after; Deadly power; Lingering fear; First-hand view; Resort's ruins remain; Then and now; Leasehold bill protested; Hospital hurting for staff; 9/11 changed Coast Guard; Key races: Kailua; Mink's condition still serious; Coma victim recovers
[V.7, No. 252 - Mon., September 9, 2002]
Hilton reaches deal; Terror's aftershocks; Church tests restrictions; Health clinics feel the pinch; Hurricane cycle could break this year; Mink still recovering; Hawaii County sued for death; Traffic a hot topic for Fourth District; Early voting begins today; Woman convicted for welfare fraud
[V.7, No. 253 - Tue., September 10, 2002]
Call to war; Audit blisters Home Lands; Sustained Felix compliance doubted; OHA calls ceded lands top issue; Worshipers need county OK; Victim's parents shun Muslim; District 1 race hotly competitive; Secret appraisal revealed; Maui students sing tribute; E. Timorese to better home
[V.7, No. 254 - Wed., September 11, 2002]
9-11 ANNIVERSARY: Lives lost, remembered; Special: We Remember; Isle forces remain vigilant; Volunteers answered call; Harris probe witness arrested; Edmonds case dismissed for now; Child-support backlog alleged; West Nile virus plan ready; Key races: Kona; Punahou apartment OKd
[V.7, No. 255 - Thu., September 12, 2002]
Lingle leads fund drive; One year after; Some observe at Pearl; Mink foes pull punches; DOE lists transfer schools; Wayward witness to appear; Lava threatens nene nests; Promoter Ken Rosene dies; City may drop Humane Society; Key races: Nuuanu; W.Oahu campus vote due
[V.7, No. 256- Fri., September 13, 2002]
Hanauma shortfall expected; UH to offer film program; Conditions 'nauseating' on volcano; Ward Centre scraps upscale mall; Liquor agent pleads guilty; Mink to be on ballot; Lingle courts Filipino votes; Kailua Intermediate vandalized; No quick parole for Mansho; UH: No change in rankings
[V.7, No. 257 - Sat., September 14, 2002]
Soldiers return from Bosnia; Hunters oppose barking bill; Rich get less rich; Blazes stretch fire crews thin; 2 lead in District 1 fund raising; Indigenous people's rights resisted; Ex-priest may not be prosecuted; Key races: Pearl City; Kuakini offers support groups

[V.7, No. 258 - Sun., September 15, 2002]
Niihau gets ballot booth; Aloha Parade makes comeback; HPD, HFD in family; 'God' oath protested; FLIPping over research; Key races: Waipahu-Waikele; Hahn soars in Bach program; Big Isle water funds released
[V.7, No. 259 - Mon., September 16, 2002]
Piece restored; Religion a factor in elections; Movie productions rise; Macs add Hawaiian fonts; Nutritionist advises to forget pills and diets; Weekend Scene; State seeks comment on waterways
[V.7, No. 260 - Tue., September 17, 2002]
Landfill growth opposed; City's letters deemed proper; Insect study aids conviction; Murder suspect sues cops; Bronster is an issue in race; Inouye says video is not endorsement; Church defense struck down; Rodrigues asks court to drop charges; Issue of governor's vetoes taken up
[V.7, No. 261 - Wed., September 18, 2002]
Crime rate up 3.6%; Lava-tube fall victim recovers; Nimitz contraflow lane planned; Dem plans vague, gov says; Council runoffs expected; Ex-priest to face charges; Korea vets to honor fallen; Tropic Lightning mission pau; Gay, lesbian voters torn; Mink recovery prospects good
[V.7, No. 262 - Thu., September 19, 2002]
Dock lockout threatened; Answers sought on Mink health; Ballot may confuse, expert says; Record absentee votes expected; Baby born despite father's cancer; Education budget on table; Ehime Maru reponse praised; Bronster joins campaign fray; Can we win war on bugs?
[V.7, No. 263 - Fri., September 20, 2002]
City grabs Heeia land; Guard helped girls escape; Politicians make last push; Lt. gov races go to wire; Gov wants hurricane fund used; Doctor felt drug buy was legal; Firecracker causes scare in Kaaawa; Bird ban enacted to deter virus; BOE seeks $90 million for construction
[V.7, No. 264 - Sat., September 21, 2002]
Time to vote; Campaign cash linked to beauty queen,; Diary is a letter from old Maui; Philippine president to visit isles; Report says economy improving; Cayetano given average grade; Child porn case nets plea; Doctor allegedly had date rape chemicals; 32nd Infantry holds reunion

[V.7, No. 265 - Sun., September 22, 2002]
Case closed, Hirono wins; Voter turnout near all-time low; Newcomer vs. senator for lt. gov.; Party roundups; Hanabusa loses allies; Legislative roundup; Polls show Mink's popularity; Council: 6 of 9 races head to showdowns; Neighbor-island roundup; BOE incumbents on way to general
[V.7, No. 266- Mon., September 23, 2002]
The race is on; Republicans spin own house music; Dems focus on neighbor isles; Political quake could tilt House; Smooth primary pleases officials; Council candidates seek support; Green vote counts in Maui mayoral race; Kauai rivals court Valenciano voters; Weekend scene
[V.7, No. 267 - Tue., September 24, 2002]
Smallpox strategy devised; 'God' dropped from HPD oath; Kalaeloa awaits its rebirth; Coqui frogs get reprieve; Teen crash victims mourned; Ezra alleges conflict of interest in Felix case; Parties scrap over debate date books; Suspect says he 'lost it'; Reporter wows students
[V.7, No. 268 - Wed., September 25, 2002]
State cited for Sacred Falls; Mink pullout 'not an issue'; Gender called irrelevant in gov race; Cayetano faults candidates; Otsuka indicted in fund theft; Citric acid may control coquis; Census data has lasting value; Bill would end free Boat Days; OHA trustees may join ERS; Campbell gets 3rd star
[V.7, No. 269 - Thu., September 26, 2002]
Waikiki hula show ends run; Otsuka faces prostitution charge; UH's band new look; State may appeal Sacred Falls case; School loses kindergartner; Lingle ad hits Hirono; Inouye in Bush policy dispute; State asks West Nile virus help; Satellites helped track dengue; Sun safety goes to school
[V.7, No. 270 - Fri., September 27, 2002]
Mink prognosis poor; Aloha 'oe; HPD oath change protested; Sweatshops, retailers settle suit; Film casts Kapena Falls in stunt; Attorney says Harris victim of smear; Agency adds to flu list; Doctor to get drug abuse treatment; Liability may close popular trail; Marines test gun system from afar
[V.7, No. 271 - Sat., September 28, 2002]
Patsy Mink dies; Lockout expected to delay cargo; Officers complain about change of oath; Fall claims slain chef's son; Liability of properties reviewed; Decision on movie stunt delayed; Board OKs 5-day pet quarantine; Insurers council sues state; Vehicles avert tragedy

[V.7, No. 272 - Sun., September 29, 2002]
PATSY MINK -- Liberal voice silenced; Legacy in rights, environment; Special election prospects; Dock concerns mounting; Isle Dems rally; Kids can vote online; Lingle spent most per vote; Cave-in worries collectors; Isle tot stars in national video; Mauna Loa eruption signs seen
[V.7, No. 273 - Mon., September 30, 2002]
West Coast cargo piles up; McDermott decries Dems using Mink; Legacy vote appeals to Mink fans; Police chiefs fear lure of TSA jobs; Bug wreaks havoc on Big Isle; Ewa banks on Weed & Seed; Public asked to help keep birds safe; Lockout affects major isle shippers 2002

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