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February 2002

[V.7, No. 32 - Fri., Feb. 1, 2002]
State reins in photo vans; Audit attacks tourism authority; Fire at D&B; Schools' supply system under fire; Arakawa jurors see car wrecks; Cops gear for alarm system; Smash-and-grab burglars hit; Med school bond funding intact; Water rates to rise in July
[V.7, No. 33 - Sat., Feb. 2, 2002]
Cameras at night; Limits on donations challenged; Enron hurts state pension fund; Arakawa drunk in 1992 case; Memorial for Ehime Maru; Conflict claimed in Felix case; Bob Hogue gets photo ticket; Gov blasts city effort to force land sale
[V.7, No. 34 - Sun., Feb. 3, 2002]
2 gambling bills stopped; Manoa Falls risk reassessed; Freedom rings at register; Lahaina wants flood help; Military mentors boost schools; Peace project outlives cofounder; Family Tree; New twist on 'Traviata'
[V.7, No. 35 - Mon., Feb. 4, 2002]
Oahu traffic deaths on the rise; Hanalei boating debate; Too scared to remember; Administrators earn most at UH; Midway Isle pullout; Ex-prostitute turns her life around; UH oceanographer honored; Noboru Furuya / Businessman; Gabbard complaint dismissed
[V.7, No. 36 - Tue., Feb. 5, 2002]
Photo freeze proposed; Traffic lights OK, engineer testifies; BOE approves $36.2 million in cuts; Officer dies of leukemia; Powder on Maui flight was safe; Military construction budget falls; Bill limits property tax assessments; Promoters look to enhance Pro Bowl
[V.7, No. 37 - Wed., Feb. 6, 2002]
Mayor hit with new charge; Lingle gains and Harris slips; Harris receives support to run; Firm to pay fine for donations; ACLU offers traffic camera advice; Senate may pull traffic cameras; Paradise for UH?; Man calmly recounts killing; Expert says Arakawa had red
[V.7, No. 38 - Thu., Feb. 7, 2002]
Panels vote to scrap camera vans; 43% oppose traffic cams; Gambling splits voters; Ehime remembered as sub returns; Liquor bribes probed; Expert: Arakawa impaired; Signal delay decried; Spinal procedure successful; Rental-car surcharge advances
[V.7, No. 39 - Fri., Feb. 8, 2002]
Teachers get 1-year bonus; Group to gather for Ehime Maru; 61 percent don't want air merger; Harris contests complaint; Defense expert says Ambrose speeding; Yoshimura could be suspended from law; GOP sends Lingle off to race; Tobacco violators in print
[V.7, No. 40 - Sat., Feb. 9, 2002]
Most favor smoke ban in eateries; Pupils help with Ehime Maru eulogy; Varicose-vein care; Unanswered 911 call; Expert says Arkawa had green; Pay raises still in limbo; Last effort for 'alarm guy'; Late taxpayer amnesty; Measure to create burial fee; Bill would dun school loan deadbeats

[V.7, No. 41 - Sun., Feb. 10, 2002]
Report rejects Waahila power line; Pro Bowl security plays stingy defense; When lawyers go bad; Ehime Maru memorial dedicated; Helicopter crash victims remembered; Maui algae cause found; Berets symbolize unity; Byrne enchants without hype
[V.7, No. 42 - Mon., Feb. 11, 2002]
HMSA policy riles doctors; When lawyers go bad: Part 2; Isle volunteers to educate public; Some support traffic vans; Scaffold topples at event; Reactions mixed on Kona land plan; Kauai training disputes; Tiger shark is released off Maui; Eyes in sky find stolen backhoe
[V.7, No. 43- Tue., Feb. 12, 2002]
When lawyers go bad: Part 3; $50,000 stolen from Punahou; Showdown!; Charter school's closure rejected; Arakawa will not take stand; Marriage license fee hike clears panel; Smoking ban appears dead; Open space, sports top Apana's list
[V.7, No. 44 - Wed., Feb. 13, 2002]
Traffic cam supporter wants change; Security eases at local facilities; Anti-frog measures stalled; DeSoto leading Council overhaul; New Kalihi Kai playground; Arakawa will not testify; Fighting over Hurricane Relief; Gov wants to ban certain donations; New efforts for Vietnam War remains
[V.7, No. 45 - Thu., Feb. 14, 2002]
Arakawa says evidence mishandled; Cuts threaten multitrack schools; Camera vans in limbo; Harris' suits give panel pause; HMSA decision reversed; Kids salute Hickam friends; Apolonia takes helm of OHA board; CO2 sea test resurfaces; Needle program called effective
[V.7, No. 46 - Fri., Feb. 15, 2002]
Jones-UH contract talks sacked; Airline losses disclosed; Arakawa deliberations resume; Waimea waves 'deceptive'; Charter schools 'critical'; Police-shooting suit settled; Foods in HPD scandal listed; Great Aloha Run new format; End 9/11 rent breaks, officials say; Fund-raising limits readied
[V.7, No. 47 - Sat., Feb. 16, 2002]
Burglary, vandalism hit Maui school; Security tight for Janet show; Payment of van-cam tickets lags; Event recalls internment camps; Security lacking at rural courts; Woman says police failed to protect her; Arakawa jurors return Tuesday; Land crews gain support

[V.7, No. 48 - Sun., Feb. 17, 2002]
Fighting photo tickets an uphill battle; Dog hero in Kaneohe fire; Kaneohe PCB cleanup to start; Rain may dampen Maui midges; Ehime Maru divers turn to WWII ship; Bush China visit hits personal note; Janet Jackson wows 'em at stadium; Passionate 'Salome' sparkles; Actress Meg Wyllie dies
[V.7, No. 49 - Mon., Feb. 18, 2002]
Hawaii's Egg Farmers: Taking a fall; Photo tickets zoom today in court; Arakawa's folks paint a family portrait; Agents plan to crack down on 'ice'; Fort Street fix is a flop to homeless; Hiking trail planned for N.E. Maui; Mortgage broker aims at Hawaiians
[V.7, No. 50 - Tue., Feb. 19, 2002]
Arakawa found guilty; Yoshimura resigns as council chairman; Key senator willing to raid fund; Suit against OHA dismissed; Fighters escort Hawaiian jet; Highway racing penalties advance; Changes urged for smoking ban; Home repairs upset Kunia residents; Airman appears at hearing
[V.7, No. 51 - Wed., Feb. 20, 2002]
Gov halts van cams; Paid tickets can still be challenged; 'Another nail' for cams' repeal; Jurors felt he should have known better; Probation to 20 years in prison; Jurors struggled over culpability; Verdict brings relief, but not closure; Internet sex sting nabs Maui man
[V.7, No. 52 - Thu., Feb. 21, 2002]
U.S. chopper down in Philippines; Sandy Beach dispute settled; Budget cuts could spur state layoffs; Eatery smoking ban passes; Council OKs Waikiki condemnation; Volcanic tower of power; Isles to expand newborn testing; State rushing camera-van fixes; Kauai bill would ban kites in parks; Manoa falls may reopen soon; Donations support vandalized school
[V.7, No. 53 - Fri., Feb. 22, 2002]
DOT plans to reload cameras; Hugh Yoshida to retire; Legislators anxious on transport device; Mansho back in good graces; Auditor to decide charter funding; Maui project in jeopardy; Metal scans sought at mortuary; Woman accused in Ponzi scheme
[V.7, No. 54 - Sat., Feb. 23, 2002]
Court vindicates ex-trustee; 2 camera vans resume duty; $1 million to furnish Library; Frozen Universe; Laie woman convicted of fraud; Quarantine facility opens on Kauai; Agents seize cigarettes; Lingle calls for contract reforms; Impeachment bill raises concern

[V.7, No. 55 - Sun., Feb. 24, 2002]
Suicide bill goes to full House; Kaena Point: Path to recovery; Playground fixes coming slowly; Family laments fire losses; Family Tree: Island music tradition; Bringing war home; Politics decides van cams; Program offers college prep help; Algae-aging link probed; Dengue TV; Fish harvest
[V.7, No. 56 - Mon., Feb. 25, 2002]
Felix decree deadline looms; Drug abuse is up; House weighs cigarette tax hike; Jewel caper could be global; Workshop addresses fire response; Waianae may not meet deadline; Djou announces Council run; Fence to protect vacant resort; Weekend Scene; Streetwise
[V.7, No. 57 - Tue., Feb. 26, 2002]
Drivers opting for trial; Millions in cuts seen by House; 12-year-old Wie in pro golf event; Kauai farm in tobacco tests; Felix expert may testify; Cancer inspires top science project; UH stadium bid falters; Family tries banner in search; Rudy Pacarro dies at 73; Land swap raises traffic concerns
[V.7, No. 58 - Wed., Feb. 27, 2002]
State's voter apathy worst in U.S.; Victim's family pleads for info; Underage drinking, girls up; Council seeks tighter rules for fliers; Isle soldiers get new berets; Traffic cam measures advance; Panels vote to block land seizure; Waimea Valley to become park
[V.7, No. 59 - Thu., Feb. 28, 2002]
Amfac in bankruptcy; UH urged to raise stadium fees; Winging it; N.Shore clinics in trouble; Kalihi fire kills 1; Standoff wrenches McCully; Traffic-cam problems cost $46K; Liquor bill aims to protect neighborhoods; Sua changes mind, gets mistrial; Audit hits city delay; Council gift bill advances 2002

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