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April 2002

[V.7, No. 91 - Mon., April 1, 2002]
Israel 'at war'; Whale bumps into boat; Molokai salt venture; Military to offer motorcycle saftey; Businesses teach Big Isle students; Cayetano lauds volunteers; Shark bite victim on 'Today' show; Big Isle lab tracks sleep habits; Weekend Scene
[V.7, No. 92 - Tue., April 2, 2002]
UH fund audit sought; Missing mom and child spotted; New Halawa prison proposed; Shark victim coping well; Crewmen held as witnesses; Felix hearing set for June; Maui reptile hunt; Review cites UH research payoffs; Pot advocate joins Natural Law Party; Cruise ship saves tanker crew
[V.7, No. 93 - Wed., April 3, 2002]
City panel backs pay raise; Van cam suit poses privacy questions; Haleakala storm traps hikers; Pearl skipper faces DUI charge; Tourists describe tanker rescue; 4 arrested in beating death; Ko Olina tax break considered; Friends sail for first and last time; Science fair stellar, astronaut says
[V.7, No. 94 - Thu., April 4, 2002]
Pacific Command role reduction set; Salesman's killer ruled insane; Gas price regulation gains support; Budget battle brewing in Senate; Dobelle defends donors' night out; Tanker fire blamed on short circuit; Man drowns in heavy Kauai surf; Council wants limit on bonds
[V.7, No. 95 - Fri., April 5, 2002]
'Stealth' letters target campaign reform; Victoria Ward considers offers; Aloha to fly to Burbank, Vancouver; Petersen is Miss Aloha Hula 2002; Probe of official dropped; Teachers nurse grudge from strike; Treat detainees 'nicely,' China asks
[V.7, No. 96 - Sat., April 6, 2002]
Estate to pay IRS $72 million; Traffic cam bill is tabled in House; Kumu's spirit; Police arrest 4 after body found; Kauai time-share considered; Tugboat sails to rescue dog; Democrat may switch to GOP; Sailor gets life for murder
[V.7, No. 97 - Sun., April 7, 2002]
Merrie mana; Special-ed teachers locked in; Cameras watch DUI suspects; Pair kayaks around Big Island; Shark survivor goes home; Guard adapts well to active duty; 3rd try nets Geographic Bee berth; Event promotes alcohol awareness; Hearings set on 25th Infantry changes
[V.7, No. 98 - Mon., April 8, 2002]
Ala Moana owner to buy Ward; $50,000 rescue of dog at sea fails; Mauna Loa's high altitude; Real baby talk; Medical privacy law revisions; Kids ready for the standards test; 7 of 8 murder suspects freed; Taiwanese boat to stay in Hawaii; Weekend Scene
[V.7, No. 99 - Tue., April 9, 2002]
Traffic cam evidence challenged; Murder victim's mom mystified; Ward buyer promises continuity; UH wins sun-study funds; GOP blasts Legislature; Harris wins fund fight; Zoo captures $1 million donation; Church blames victims' mom; Counselor says teen kissed him; Ship seized in murder case
[V.7, No. 100 - Wed., April 10, 2002]
Traffic cams dead; Mansho quits Council; Couple foils burglary; 'Missing' man charged in heist; Funds transfer questioned; Harris to appeal; Bid to use hurricane fund stopped; Bottle bill rally; Gas cap advances; Makua impact called 'terrorism'; Boat-bumping whale was courting
[V.7, No. 101 - Thu., April 11, 2002]
Van cam shutdown may cost $8 million; Detective accused of rape; Bunda likely to replace Mansho; Ex-counselor acquitted of sex assault; Chinese crewmen vanish; State says extra funds don't exist; House passes lame long-term care plan; Diluted child sex-exploitation bill set to pass
[V.7, No. 102 - Fri., April 12, 2002]
Trial-bound tickets spiked; Fees planned for Waipio park; Donation limits lifted for Harris; Pay low at UH, report says; Efforts may be revived to save dog; Hazardous waste spills aboard barge; Hospitals help save toddler; House snubs HSTA health plan bill; High court suspends Yoshimura's law license
[V.7, No. 103 - Sat., April 13, 2002]
65 mph limit might return; Diamond Head fees rise; Police book Mansho for theft; Unions ordered to turn over health plan records; Killer to serve at least 30 years; Senate spending plan is assailed; State fines Maui ferry operators; 'New era' for charter schools

[V.7, No. 104 - Sun., April 14, 2002]
Power outage stumps officials; Gift of life from Fresno to Hawaii; Kikaida switches on new generation; Clean building, sick workers; Pearl ship in Navy experiment; Muslims rally for peace; Libraries promote 'talking books'; NW isles' diversity outlined; Lawmakers oppose military HQ shift
[V.7, No. 105 - Mon., April 15, 2002]
Grenade blast kills 1; Special-ed parents perceive threats; Surveillance cameras; Hilo charter school cuts program; Marine center seeks sources; UH open house; Parkinson's symposium; Fire chiefs to talk security in isles; Police chief says budget cuts would hurt; Weekend Scene
[V.7, No. 106 - Tue., April 16, 2002]
Kawamoto homes not selling; Moe Keale dies; El Nino to bring more storms; Gambling stays alive; Grenade death investigated; Tax deadline falls; Baby beating defendant in court; 5-year term sought in custody case; Police chief reappointed; Long-awaited Hilo road opens
[V.7, No. 107 - Wed., April 17, 2002]
Isles keeping war duties; More UH football to air on ESPN; Lingle vows not to repeat mistakes; Blair defends lawsuit; 2 more illegal lizards found; Cruise ship rescues another; Mansho faces prison for theft; Testimony depicts baby's beating; State asks feds to repay $100 million
[V.7, No. 108 - Thu., April 18, 2002]
Isle groups buy stake in Bulletin, MidWeek; Harris predicts possible layoffs; West Coast forces stay under isle admiral; Charters getting overlooked funds; State OKs higher speed limits; Isle Air National Guard joins war on terror; Cop claims self-defense in shooting
[V.7, No. 109 - Fri., April 19, 2002]
Harris warns 146 jobs at risk; Felix compliance improves; S-B deal counters trend; Cuts threaten A+ program; In pets they trust; Computer glitch trips HPD; Plan to end state school board dropped; Kauai recyclers settle into battle; Stolen check leads to arrest
[V.7, No. 110 - Sat., April 20, 2002]
Isle gambling crime rising; Senate debates budget solutions; Destroyer returns to Pearl; Council budget squeezes agencies; Waikiki father to stand trial; Felix panel wants to hear expert; Bottle bill delayed; Cayetano casts the first vetoes; Boat Harbor project sinking

[V.7, No. 111 - Sun., April 21, 2002]
Dog found on drifting ship; Despair over disrepair; Lelie touches down with Denver; Arakawa faces sentencing; Waipahu fire leaves 10 homeless; Digital sub simulator sails; Campus cops draw applause; Man charged in robbery spree; Blaze guts Punahou apartment; Ships threaten whales less here
[V.7, No. 112 - Mon., April 22, 2002]
Dog won't leave tanker; Crew takes pride in 2 recent rescues; Program cultivates respect; School bus concerns some parents; Isles No. 1 in extinction risk; Weekend Scene
[V.7, No. 113 - Tue., April 23, 2002]
Police kill theft suspect; Arakawa gets 20 years; Coast Guard handling dog rescue; 7-year-old recalls rescuing mom; Gov urges use of hurricane fund; Hawaii 6th in fed spending; Robotics teams go to nationals; Missing girl may have had 'Net meeting; Child abductor ruled insane
[V.7, No. 114 - Wed., April 24, 2002]
Cops file suit over pension fund; Shooting victim had troubled past; Coast Guard to retrieve tanker, dog; Scooters on sidewalks ban bill; Man indicted in 2 related slayings; Whale dies on Maui; Hawaii Five-O movie in negotiations; Ko Olina tax credits; Education reform bill stil alive
[V.7, No. 115 - Thu., April 25, 2002]
Mansho admits to theft; No city layoffs, Kobayashi says; Coast Guard may sink tanker; Lawmakers hit special funds; Cardinals stop short; Food ads may boost obesity; Virtual surgery getting real; Nursing home ratings debut; Visas sought for witnesses; Traffic bills slowed Teachers want hearing
[V.7, No. 116 - Fri., April 26, 2002]
New plan cuts budget 2.5%; Ex-football stars charged in drug bust; 3 groups vie for bowl games; Pizza heists end with warrants; Max sentence sought for Mansho; State probing mortuary fund; Bottle bill is poised for approval; Animal handler joins Insiko saga
[V.7, No. 117 - Sat., April 27, 2002]
Tug crew coaxes canine into cage; Gas regulation heads for vote; HECO, AES accused of inflating cost; ACLU blasts dress code; Revised bottle bill approved; Substance ails Wal-Mart employees; Philippines is priority for Pacific chief; Union-run health plan fails

[V.7, No. 118 - Sun., April 28, 2002]
Hawaii greets Chinese leader; Oprah's Hana buy draws isle praise; Experts: Love drove dog rescue; Council bill restricts gift giving; Donor families, recipients celebrate; Army seeks a few good sandwiches; Family Tree: Persistence pays off; Chilis were chem scare cause
[V.7, No. 119 - Mon., April 29, 2002]
Aanalysis is goal of UH laser lab; HMSA get $41,667 payout; State wants path for cycling plan; Camping fee cuts homeless at park; Panels lauded on gas, health, election bills; Hilo scholars excel at competition; Coins cited as impetus in Hilo shooting; Weekend Scene
[V.7, No. 120 - Tue., April 30, 2002]
Flesh-eating bacteria kill 3; State says HSTA overcharged; Moe Keale remembered; Clay Benham dies at 81; Hurricane readiness test set; Lawmakers to trim $96mil; Dad to meet son's saviors; Language barrier dogged ship story; U.S. Senate confirms Fargo; Anti-terror team gets nod 2002

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