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January 2002

[V.7, No. 1 - Tue., Jan. 1, 2002]
Political storm rising in 2002; Foreclosures drop 47%; Firefighters still busy; Hanauma project to take longer, cost more; Ex-ad exec helps women succeed; Police probe van-fire death; United Way puts Hawaii 29th; Longtime state House official dies
[V.7, No. 2 - Wed., Jan. 2, 2002]
4 deaths mar new year; State: MidWeek cannot bid for ads; Mediation called for in Kashmir; New Year's ritual blesses many; Isles' first baby of 2002; New Year's fishing is slim pickings; Hearings set on NW isle fishing; Airport gaffe could result in fines
[V.7, No. 3 - Thu., Jan. 3, 2002]
Traffic cams net 927; Beyond grief; Shark signs urged; Sex-offender move still on; Gunshots terrify Kalihi; Death penalty dropped; Iguana caught in Kahuku; Big hopes for fat pipe; Services set for 'the General'; Greens ponder pot advocate
[V.7, No. 4 - Fri., Jan. 4, 2002]
Speeders' insurance may rise; Hanauma project's price climbing; Wave rage; Cayetano defends revenue plan; 'Pinky' Thompson praised; Massage for the gold; Kauai police chief to return to work; Suit asks removal of mayor; New Year's fireworks sully isle air
[V.7, No. 5 - Sat., Jan. 5, 2002]
Cameras cool off; USS Russell hero comes home; Kakaako to have parole program; Division to greet Kauai police chief; New U.S attorney's goals; Union chief asks for dismissal; License plate covers sales up; 2 await trial for threats; Newswatch
[V.7, No. 6 - Sun., Jan. 6, 2002]
Motorists plead for speed; Gov reflects on legacy; Still strong at 90; Detective arrested for murder; Hundreds salute 'the General'; AJA advocate joins vet project; H-1 shut for speaker
[V.7, No. 7 - Mon., Jan. 7, 2002]
New Hanauma costs found; Detective charged in wife's murder; Proposed school changes; Coast Guard honors '82 copter crash; Weekend Scene; Streetwise
[V.7, No. 8 - Tue., Jan. 8, 2002]
Harris complaint may go to prosecutor; Waves of activity; Rodrigues kickback charge stays; Glitches nix tickets; Isle 'scope makes find; KSBE revenues top $1bil; Schools' grades improve; City faulted on records; Hastert to pitch isles in Japan
[V.7, No. 9 - Wed., Jan. 9, 2002]
Interisle fare cap planned; No dice for local gamblers?; Visitors checked for dengue; Isle team on fuel-cell project; USS Vinson back from war duty; Daschle optimistic on terror; Man arrested after wild chase; Smoking ban advances; Ex-Senator pleads guilty; Sony Open
[V.7, No. 10 - Thu., Jan. 10, 2002]
Isle airman accused in killing; Kauai sues housing charity; 96 animals found in home; Ehime Maru victims honored; Pacheco confession recounted; Lingle: No state layoffs; Mirikitani taxes not filed; Fasi: Politicians help pals; Waikiki plan advances; Health campaign; Sharpshooter cleared
[V.7, No. 11 - Fri., Jan. 11, 2002]
Ecstasy bust nabs alleged dealers; Woman is charged in hoax; Inouye urges no gambling; New facility to make skies safer; Cabbie says he's being framed; Cloned mice star in Chicago; State says it will not evict family; Legislators, gov differ on budget
[V.7, No. 12 - Sat., Jan. 12, 2002]
Camera van gets speeding ticket; State wants staff pay returned; Plan would restrict teen driving; Lawsuit seeks to stop merger; Lanai water will not be fluoridated; Vegas jackpot to be spent on kids; Ex-owner wants 7 of 96 pets back; Hearings on shark-feeding ban

[V.7, No. 13 - Sun., Jan. 13, 2002]
Photo-ticket disputes loom; Harris to fight fund ruling; Home, sweet home; Beach battle lines drawn; Fest shares Korean culture; Prank posited in Okinawa death; Kelly comes back to Sony; Speedercam profits spur changes
[V.7, No. 14 - Mon., Jan. 14, 2002]
State shrugs off ticket math; DOE break up considered; Complaint slams Harris' money; Waikiki burial mound dedicated; D&B's signs too big; Traffic photo enforcers use lasers; Lawmakers aim to limit charter schools
[V.7, No. 15 - Tue., Jan. 15, 2002]
Geolabs gets record fine; Hanauma project over budget; Tempers flare against traffic cameras; Experts: economy will improve; Elections spice up Legislature; Preschools for needy kids; Bill to ease tax appeals; UH religion school proposed; Insanity raised in murder trial; Kidnap suspect sought
[V.7, No. 16 - Wed., Jan. 16, 2002]
FBI joins Harris probe; Races revolve on Harris probe; Legislature opens; Serious opening for new session; School plans workshop on safety; Photo vans lose support from city; Obstacles block Arco sale; Campsites proposed for Kahoolawe
[V.7, No. 17 - Thu., Jan. 17, 2002]
State settles oil suit for 1%; 'Bobo' Olson dies at 73; UH wants Aloha Stadium; Kapolei abduction a hoax; More air security, more delays; Hickam gets readiness test; OHA wants $20mil from NASA; Edwin Honda dies at 79; Gov doubts Harris' complicity; Community health centers strapped
[V.7, No. 18 - Fri., Jan. 18, 2002]
DOE forecasts 'crisis' in classrooms; Stormy weather arrives; Aloha's chief defends merger; Police radio problems; Big Island ranch layoffs; Pair who assaulted gays get prison; Elephant seal visits Hawaii shores; Trio fine after night in forest; Capitol hikes security
[V.7, No. 19 - Sat., Jan. 19, 2002]
Carlisle demands Harris records; Families learn of missing soldiers; Kaneohe Marine robbery suspect; Kauai police chief's lawsuit allowed; Pest threatens watercress; Missile test off Kauai; Cold, windy weather; Waiahole water appeal

[V.7, No. 20 - Sun., Jan. 20, 2002]
Homelessness rising; Army in $693mil expansion; On sacred ground; DoD deploys smard cards; Weather unstable; Torch-bearer nearly missed; Marines charged in heist; Isle 'scope twinned; $1mil in 9-11 grants awarded
[V.7, No. 21 - Mon., Jan. 21, 2002]
Gov faces dire state outlook; Timing crucial for library; Satisfying work; Council special election is full; Kobayashi leads election spending; 100-mile endurance run; Narcissus queen's roots; Conference on aerial safety; Mauna Kea Beach Hotel faces lawsuit
[V.7, No. 22 - Tue., Jan. 22, 2002]
Cayetano calls economy strong; Flexible travelers benefit; Red-light cameras ready; Volunteers spruce up schools; Zoo move may cost $480 million; Candidate runs afoul of rule; OHA needs Legislative kokua; Maui charter changes considered; Details of Kau oranges theft; Odds moderate for gambling
[V.7, No. 23 - Wed., Jan. 23, 2002]
Reaction to the State of the State; Fort Polk's roots; Possible deluge of traffic cam cases; Witness recalls taxi slaying; Angelfish in captivity; Evidence seen in robbery suspect's car; Couple to face firearms charge; 3 firms to bid on medical school job
[V.7, No. 24 - Thu., Jan. 24, 2002]
Visitor numbers still lag; Keeping the peace; Hospitals seek federal help; Maui may get shark sign; Blue lights popular, illegal; Student beating arthritis; War-remains unit marks anniversary; GOP in funds squabble; Rohlfing tapped for federal bench; Officer cleared in sex assault; State Hospital report due
[V.7, No. 25 - Fri., Jan. 25, 2002]
California firm to buy Times; Schools budget cut more; Mansho ouster sought; Traffic-cam haters jam meeting; Gov wants to raise state fees; Plan could end hospital suit; Kobayashi funding attacked; Felix panel welcomes inquiry; Lawmaker steps up criticism; Maui project stirs fears
[V.7, No. 26 - Sat., Jan. 26, 2002]
Counselor in hospital after push; Rapist's parole hearing draws attention; Enraged daughter draws mugger; Missile-defense test hits bull's-eye; Gov wants to keep traffic cams; Draft rules for Tow-in surfing; USS O'Kane returns to Pearl

[V.7, No. 27 - Sun., Jan. 27, 2002]
Worst schools get first repairs; Kobayashi wins 5th District; Floods kill 3 on Maui; The Family Tree; Unit is first in, last out; Charity seeks new house; Cameras irk Windward drivers; Ikeda to run for lieutenant gov; Tree takes slow dive; Saimin icon Aiko Hamura dies at 91
[V.7, No. 28 - Mon., Jan. 28, 2002]
Ill-fated sub hits another vessel; New recycling proposal; Unplanned pregnancies, infant deaths up; Kobayashi takes District 5; Kids aren't waiting for park to open; More rain expected; Harris says no plan to hike tax; Police probe shooting death
[V.7, No. 29 - Tue., Jan. 29, 2002]
Rains cause havoc, flood alerts; Witness says Arakawa ran red light; Muder suspect due for parole; CEO gives up $1 million; Harris backs better waste handling; Cuba prison humane, Inouye says; Flu season arrives early; Bill could halt land condemnation
[V.7, No. 30 - Wed., Jan. 30, 2002]
'Fantasy' movie studio to close; Downpours soak wallets; Witness says Arakawa ran red; Aloha Stadium needs tuneup; Kauai chief still in the dark; Nuuanu death maybe drug related; Charter school suffering from cuts; Bill aims to raise kindergarten age
[V.7, No. 31 - Thu., Jan. 31, 2002]
Photo van petition falls flat; Harris has edge in election war chest; Drinking partner says Arakawa OK; Greeneville teamwork lost, expert says; Outrigger plan advances; High court gets Waiahole appeal; New pet quarantine plan offered; Kalihi clinic helps needy; Dental survey omits problems 2002

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