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Wednesday, November 10, 1999


Xerox murders are not laughing matter

It leaves me outraged that some people are so insensitive to some of those who have been hit hard by tragedy -- the co-workers of those killed in last week's Xerox shooting.

It has come to my attention that some of the Xerox technicians returning to work and trying to resume their lives have had to endure some outrageous comments that come their way.These comments include, "Oh there's the Xerox man. Look! He has something under his shirt!" or "It's the Xerox man. I hope you don't have a gun!" How insensitive!

These kinds of comments, whether meant as a joke or not, are not even remotely funny. I understand that people have different ways of dealing with this, but at least these people can have the decency to respect those who have died, and those who are still mourning their deaths.

Leinani Raffipiy
Hilo, Hawaii

Coddling criminals is unfair to victims

Nothing can be said about the awful tragedy at Xerox that hasn't already been said. But it's time to put a stop to all this "it can't happen here" nonsense.

Ancient Hawaii had horrendous crimes, including sacrificing innocent people in wars over territory. Modern Hawaii saw thousands killed in December 1941 and we've had our share of sniper incidents. Prisons are filled with lifers who shouldn't be alive, yet we continue to house and feed them.

If there were one change brought about because of this tragedy, it should be this: that the widows and children left behind wouldn't be forced via their taxes to support their fathers' murderer for the rest of his life.

Paul Mossman
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"I'm here today because I realize the consequences of my mistake and need to accept my punishment for it."

David Chun
Former Honolulu police officer
Sentenced to 51 months in federal prison on the mainland after pleading guilty to beating a man in police custody and later conspiring with other officers to cover it up

"He said he's Santa Claus."

Jessyca Ramones
Manager of Makiki Burger King
About a customer who ordered 200 Burger King kids meals to get the Pokemon toys in them

Star-Bulletin closing after 117 years

Every town needs at least two newspapers

Here's another voice praying that the proposed shutdown doesn't happen. How else are we to have a different point of view offered to the people of Hawaii if the Star-Bulletin closes?

Surely not the morning newspaper, which seems to believe that, if you can't beat 'em, buy 'em out. There have always been two sides to a coin as there are two sides to an issue, and both need to be expressed.

Dick Skarnes
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Via the Internet

Paper is still around to document tragedy

I am so glad your newspaper didn't shut down. Your photos of the Xerox tragedy were awesome. Keep up the good work.

Lorrita Guthy
Hilo, Hawaii
Via the Internet

Paper's shutdown on hold


HPD did good job in expediting evacuation

On Nov. 2, as a result of the senseless killing spree at Xerox's facility on Nimitz Highway, we had the difficult task of evacuating scores of Xerox employees from the Amfac building. This move was necessary, as we had received word that the suspected gunman was proceeding to the company's downtown headquarters.

Fortunately, with the assistance of the Honolulu Police Department, we were able to evacuate these employees from the building expeditiously. HPD personnel did an excellent job in evacuating all employees safely and in an orderly fashion.

We should be grateful for one of the finest police departments in the land.

Harry Moleta
Chief of Security/Safety, Amfac Center

Gouging also occurs at UH football games

Chris Dudley's Oct. 14 letter lamenting the price of cold drinks at Diamond Head trail reminded me how I was recently charged $4 for a bag of popcorn, about the size of a lunch bag and containing about 10 cents of kernels, at the University of Hawaii football game. Talk about gouging.

Andrew Fox
Pearl City
Via the Internet

Young doesn't speak for Chevron dealers

We Hawaii Chevron dealers would like to respond to the Star-Bulletin's Sept. 30 article on Frank Young and his unfortunate predicament:

1) There is no such thing as the "top gas station operator" although we have many "high performing" dealers statewide.
2) Customer satisfaction, business efficiency, overall gasoline/store volume, and credit card solicitations are criteria for high performance.
3) Each Chevron dealer enters into a lease agreement with Chevron. There are responsibilities for each party to honor, and noncompliance has logical and legal consequences. This appears to be the case in Young's case, NOT retaliation for outspoken criticism.
4) The problem resolution sounds like an easy fix, with which the balance of the dealer network complies. Chevron is not in the business of terminating its dealers, but continually looks for the best of the best.
5) Chevron worldwide employs thousands of people. It is inevitable that a few will be disgruntled. Quoting these people without balance is irresponsible and misleading.

Sensationalism over truth and accuracy reeks of yellow journalism. There are many hard-working local Chevron people producing and selling high quality, consistent, clean fuel daily. They are proud of their efforts and are chagrined to find certain people continually lambasting and undermining the efforts of hundreds of people, with willing accomplices in the press.

Barney Robinson, Waialae Chevron/Nimitz Chevron
Bob Swartz, Kapalama Chevron/Koolau Chevron
Richard Awakuni, Richard's Chevron/Piikoi Chevron/Quick Wash Chevron
Karen Okada, Bionic Chevron
Alvin Makimoto, Uptown Service
Mike Kitagawa, Kitagawa Chevron
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