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Wednesday, November 22, 2000


Special-ed isn't draining money from DOE

News stories on the education budget mislead the general public. They imply that special education children are receiving money that should have gone to regular education children.

Not mentioned is the portion of money from the federal government (an estimated $70 million biennial) for special education and how much of this will be used instead for CSSS -- a new program developed by the Department of Education that includes the hiring of countless personnel for all children.

Confusion is facilitated by the combination of these items in the budget. The move to School Based Mental Health on July 1, 2001 means that DOE psychologists and therapists will be treating children vs. contracting to qualified doctors for services.

The superintendent claims this is mandated by the court. Quite the contrary. It is mandated by the unions in a move to grow their membership and break the backs of taxpayers.

Laura Brown

Pearl City band gets too much coverage

Saturday's letters by T. Bruce and Elaine M. Hong chastised the Star-Bulletin for not mentioning the spectacular half-time show by the Pearl City High School band during the University of Hawaii vs. Nevada-Reno football game.

I was amused because, of all of Hawaii's wonderful high school marching bands, Pearl City's receives by far the most attention. In fact, your Internet site includes an article on Pearl City's marching band along with a video of the half-time show. If only other bands received this kind of "non-coverage."

Oahu has at least 18 fabulous high school marching bands: Aiea, Castle, Farrington, Iolani, Ka-huku, Kailua, Kaimuki, Kalani, Kamehameha, Mililani, Moana-lua, Nanakuli, Pearl City, Punahou, Roosevelt, Saint Louis, Waialua and Waianae.

Most of these bands spent the week between Nov. 4-11 participating at four great events.

All participants should be commended for their hard work and dedication to their art. Their music directors have taught these young people teamwork, discipline and a love of learning. Each band deserves the thrill of performing before 30,000-plus UH fans and equal coverage by your fine paper.

Genevieve Hiu

Webmaster's note: The letter writers had no knowledge that we were running the online video special that day (a week after the event) and were commenting on lack of mention of the show in the newspaper's print editions.

Electoral College is a fair system

People are getting down on the Electoral College, but the system isn't as bad as everyone thinks. We are a country of 50 individual states with 50 individual needs.

If not for the Electoral College, candidates would focus their attention on the most populated states like Texas, California, etc. Other states would get completely ignored along with all their needs. Eventually, we would become a nation led by the interests of these largely populated states.

All of our individual states work like pieces in a bigger machine. Some grow our food, some build our cars and Hawaii concentrates on the tourism industry. Remember, folks, we have to look at the big picture and decide what's best for the whole country, not just for this election.

Jonathan Gibson



"It was so surreal. I knew I was there,
but when I was playing I don't think
I knew exactly where I was."

Aven Lee
Reminiscing about the Wahine's participation
in the 1996 NCAA finals at the Cleveland State
Convocation Center


"(Keane) thought it was his fault.
He's very curious and tends to
get his hands on things."

Zane Zakimi
Joking that his son thought he was responsible
when the shopping center was hit by a 90-minute power outage
Monday night when a HECO transformer failed

All Florida voters should cast ballots again

The national GOP hierarchy is shamefully arrogant. Their members are prematurely declaring the office of the presidency has been won by them. And this, all before the ballots were counted. It shows how deceitful they are in their rhetoric and their win-at-all-costs attitude.

They claim the need for a hand recount has no legal merit because there is no evidence of fraud. What about the additional votes for Al Gore when some recounts occurred? What about the registered voters denied their chance to vote? What about Governor Bush's brother being the head of Florida's state government?

Let the residents of Florida revote to clear up this sorry mess. Their constitutional rights must be guaranteed.

Christopher Hatico
Pearl City

Gore is poor loser and acts like a brat

Results from the manual recount stem from broken rules and subjectivity, not from the fair and accurate count they are purported to be. The process has NOT been about democracy. It's been about how rules are broken and laws are twisted to effect a desired outcome.

Pregnant chads, dimpled chads -- this was supposed to be like Civics 101, but it sounds more like a child development class. Unfortunately for us, Al Gore seems to be stuck in the stage known as the terrible twos, when young tyrants say "no" and "mine."

Donna Rewick

Isle will be represented in Macy's parade

Good, hard-earned credit should go to the po'e from Maui that traveled to New York to represent the islands and the Hawaiian culture in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It's not often that po'e get to display the hula and culture of my ancestors in mainstream America.

This is a sign of the growth of Hawaiian culture and knowledge.

Adrian Kamalaniikekai Kamalii
'Ilio'ulaokalani Youth Coalition

Day after Thanksgiving should be a holiday

When will Washington wake up and make the Friday following Thanksgiving a national holiday?

William J. King

Glad to hear the Bulletin will survive

Congratulations and good luck to the staff of the Star-Bulletin. It looks like you finally made it. Real competition will be good for all of Hawaii (including those of us who are past and future residents) and should ensure that both dailies maintain high standards.

The last year must have been awful for all of you. In spite of your stress and anxiety, thank you for continuing to print the best newspaper in Hawaii.
Tom Foster
El Cajon, Calif.

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