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October 2000

[V.5, No. 236 - Mon., Oct. 2, 2000]
Electric-bus plan; Debates awaited; Donor Quilt remembers; Elton John shines for Sun; Ala Wai anger; Olympic memories; H-Men 'grew up'
[V.5, No. 237 - Tue., Oct. 3, 2000]
Man shot by police; Gov on Ala Wai; No Chapman parole; OHA funds suit; Bus plan opposition; Aquarium help; Keiki count
[V.5, No. 238 - Wed., Oct. 4, 2000]
UH president selection panel; Unity House officials ousted; Waimea land buy considered; Football, country style; Waikiki shooting; Waiahole water
[V.5, No. 239 - Thu., Oct. 5, 2000]
UH computer theft arrest; Boaters, dog rescued; Daily HNL-Las Vegas flights; SAT scores improve; Student loan payback
[V.5, No. 240 - Fri., Oct. 6, 2000]
'Enenkio' bonds; Ancient papal edict; Waianae Coast emergency route; Why Waimea Valley?; Ed Board supports teacher raises
[V.5, No. 241 - Sat., Oct. 7, 2000]
Anti-violence grant; TCU bests UH; Vets' health bill; Teacher fights for pension; Guilty verdict in IRS case

[V.5, No. 242 - Mon., Oct. 9, 2000]
Makaha principal replaced; Puuhale School; Kauai boxer; Miconia; Food Network; It's About Time; Parents blast Moanalua
[V.5, No. 243 - Tue., Oct. 10, 2000]
Kamehameha reforms; Police officer crash; Kailua fireworks; A Test of Wills; Makaha ex-principal; Batalona; Norwegian cruise line
[V.5, No. 244 - Wed., Oct. 11, 2000]
HGEA raise veto; Dead teen cared; OHA election; Royal Kunia; Keep Waimea natural; Mansho campaign spending; McVay to be cleared
[V.5, No. 245 - Thu., Oct. 12, 2000]
Reports indicate Arakawa DUI; Mirikitani duties cut; Lunch at Holualoa; Unions, Cayetano clash; Ghost tour thrills; Midnight Ohana
[V.5, No. 246 - Fri., Oct. 13, 2000]
Van crashes into lei stand; Ambrose parents; UHPA strike; Teachers' national award; Wildlife botulism; Astronomy director; United Chicago cuts
[V.5, No. 247 - Sat., Oct. 14, 2000]
Kaaawa evacuations; Ambrose accident reaction; Bank of Honolulu taken over; Van crash road rage; Northwestern islands

[V.5, No. 248 - Mon., Oct. 16, 2000]
Victim's mom wants justice; Hawaii's Miss America; Christmas airfares; Kakaako med school?; No Money for Gas; Vets health costs
[V.5, No. 249 - Tue., Oct. 17, 2000]
State's economic grades slide; Isle surgical pioneer; Bobbing with BOB; Canoe structure protest; Isle scope find; Wong perjury trial set
[V.5, No. 250 - Wed., Oct. 18, 2000]
OHA takes market lease; Healer for Big Isle; Van incident charges; Isle jets to Iraq; Altar boy abuse suit; School lunch 2000
[V.5, No. 251 - Thu., Oct. 19, 2000]
Kahapea gets 50 years; Maui shark attack; PGA eyes Royal Kunia; Internet bandwidth jammed; Harry Kim; Soldiers' black berets; Council Paradise Park, OKs Haleiwa
[V.5, No. 252 - Fri., Oct. 20, 2000]
Bulletin newsprint roadblock ; Hirono dissent; Infant death; Keiko Bonk; Chun keeps job; BOE may rule; DUI suspect now victim
[V.5, No. 253 - Sat., Oct. 21, 2000]
Pain prodded jellyfish work; Officer accused of sex assault; Waikiki death; Baby in morgue; Banyan recovering; Rice cooks Warriors

[V.5, No. 254 - Mon., Oct. 23, 2000]
Health plan draws state, fed eyes; Teamster election; Ani's Bake Shop; Mud-football stopped; Nuuanu stoplight; Kalihi Valley Homes
[V.5, No. 255 - Tue., Oct. 24, 2000]
Hawaiian recognition boost; Waikiki burial mound; Ota richest OHA trustee; Kids feel spousal abuse; Army computer about-face; DOT driver ed
[V.5, No. 256 - Wed., Oct. 25, 2000]
Kaneohe escapee returns; Triple Crown to use Ambrose art; Sesame Workshop; Benny a hero; Stadium alcohol curbs; Instructors want real cars
[V.5, No. 257 - Thu., Oct. 26, 2000]
S-B deadline postponed; Cane fields opportunity; OHA cuts; Playstations sell out; Hospital policy defended; Army job cuts; Isle 'Net firm bought
[V.5, No. 258 - Fri., Oct. 27, 2000]
Thompson guilty of Mililani rapes; Road to Hana; Home-care verdict; HSTA wants talks; Thermal cameras; State information; Tee-time tampering
[V.5, No. 259 - Sat., Oct. 28, 2000]
2 killed in stabbing; Trustee religion rule; Mililani rapist may get life; Care-home warning; Clinton to visit; Gay harassment vote set

[V.5, No. 260 - Mon., Oct. 30, 2000]
Hana flood rescue; Father stabbing suspect; Random care-home visits; Parks in peril; Native habitats; OHA race; Land-mine victim; It's About Time; Apathy on autonomy; Xerox moving
[V.5, No. 261 - Mon., Oct. 31, 2000]
Former trustees funneled money to lawmakers; Spending Commission probe; No ethnic OHA snub; Reaching OHA voters; Seniors' property tax exemption; State hospital breakdown? 2000

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