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April 2000

[V.5, No. 79 - Sat., Apr. 1, 2000]
Fire on 16th floor; Waimea bypass wipeout; Private-school tuition up; Cool Maili grant; 'Baywatch' culture expert
[V.5, No. 80 - Mon., Apr. 3, 2000]
Journal tofu research; Dec. 7, 1941 again; Actors, execs pay respects; Masini quits; TheBus to rescue; Interstate fire
[V.5, No. 81 - Tue., Apr. 4, 2000]
Estate paid Holt legal bill; Bishop Museum; Kahapea gambled $1.5 million; Nisei vet census; Hawaiian political party
[V.5, No. 82 - Wed., Apr. 5, 2000]
Bypass reopens; Rice case; Death and depression; Maili AC bill rises; Astronomy; Hemmeter Building
[V.5, No. 83 - Thu., Apr. 6, 2000]
Judge: Chevron rep lied; Taming of Waikiki; Law calls HPD's top woman; Mirror of Osaka; Auto show
[V.5, No. 84 - Fri., Apr. 7, 2000]
Gill beats Rutledge; No Rice action; Tripler harassment; Lost in paradise; LeMahieu; Pearl Harbor; Retiree insurance
[V.5, No. 85 - Sat., Apr. 8, 2000]
Bills seek mandatory sprinklers; Gill: 'smooth' transfer; Music with his family; Lobbyists; Medical marijuana

[V.5, No. 86 - Mon., Apr. 10, 2000]
Pearl Harbor: Bombs away; Rainbow credit card; Stender claim; Korean War POWs; Uninsured kids; Russ Francis
[V.5, No. 87 - Tue., Apr. 11, 2000]
Kamehameha spending; OHA; Stabbing; Lawyer/Cop; Sprinkler credit; Schweitzer sentence stalled; Prisons killed
[V.5, No. 88 - Wed., Apr. 12, 2000]
Ireland deal possible; Nuke-sub accident; Lahaina tour; Gay bills die; Domestic violence; Natatorium reopens soon
[V.5, No. 89 - Thu., Apr. 13, 2000]
Mapunapuna fire; Interstate Building, from the ashes; Scrip scam; Britney Spears; Soldier killed
[V.5, No. 90 - Fri., Apr. 14, 2000]
Acoba to high court; Big boom; Money man; Schools #47; Ireland suspect; Keck spots most-distant object
[V.5, No. 91 - Sat., Apr. 15, 2000]
AG hands off Ige/Holt inquiry; Henry Walker dies; Got motivation?; Isle hepatitis C cure; Patriots draft Klemm

[V.5, No. 92 - Mon., Apr. 17, 2000]
Ford Island crash; Bishop's politicking; For Elian's sake; Schweitzer going free; Texas halau; OHA advice; Oakland
[V.5, No. 93 - Tue., Apr. 18, 2000]
Airline helps halau; New Ireland DNA tests?; Dredging Ala Wai; Prosecutor opposes Acoba; 'Pearl Harbor' resumes
[V.5, No. 94 - Wed., Apr. 19, 2000]
Cayetano reforms; Museum apologizes; Tech czar gets virus; Carrier film role; HIFF chief; Sub fire; Hawaiian clarification
[V.5, No. 95 - Thu., Apr. 20, 2000]
Trust had role in Ige fundraising; Wedding bells ring in profits; Marijuana accord near; Viloria going to Olympics
[V.5, No. 96 - Fri., Apr. 21, 2000]
Big Isle charter school; Haleiwa; Waste water; Shipyard hazards; Fireworks; Rocks; Bomb threat; Asbestos; Ex-Beatle Harrison
[V.5, No. 97 - Sat., Apr. 22, 2000]
STAR-BULLETIN FOR SALE; Maui chip plant; Virus hits Kauai bananas; Isle transplant success; UH ocean program woes

[V.5, No. 98 - Mon., Apr. 24, 2000]
Star-Bulletin has chance; Uyesugi jury; Role model; Arizona film trimmed; Kidnap boy; Britney Spears
[V.5, No. 99 - Tue., Apr. 25, 2000]
Macadamias cut cholesterol; Schweitzer; Queen's layoffs; Ecotours; Global warming; Xerox; Britney Spears
[V.5, No. 100 - Wed., Apr. 26, 2000]
Private prison; Acoba; Marijuana Rx to be law; LCC planetarium; Artifacts; Hawaiian convention funded
[V.5, No. 101 - Thu., Apr. 27, 2000]
Bishop on 60 Minutes; School accountability; Interred on Arizona; Waianae tiki; Gun re-registration; Fireworks
[V.5, No. 102 - Fri., Apr. 28, 2000]
Uyesugi cited mental ills; Vietnam 25; Civil service talks; Queen's closing cardiac; $50 mil school fixes; Merrie Monarch
[V.5, No. 103 - Sat., Apr. 29, 2000]
State: Chevron lied; Prison deal; Merrie Monarch; Teen returns $2,000; Maui crash; Vietnam 25; Maili A.C.; Auditor 2000

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