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Sunday, July 8, 2001

Moving to isles costly for military pet owners

When Air Force Master Sgt. Bert Thornburg made plans to return to the islands three years ago, it almost meant leaving behind Brandy, the family's then nearly 7-year-old golden retriever....


May 10, 2000

Quarantined critters get TLC

PETS held in quarantine get to make long-distance calls all the time. That's one of the perks they get being under the wing of Kathy Panicek, volunteer coordinator at the state Animal Quarantine Branch. "I put the phone to the pet's ears and say, 'Here's your mom!' " she said....

May 4, 2000

Military may get help on pet quarantine fees

Hawaii Rep. Neil Abercrombie today said the House Military Personnel Subcommittee adopted his proposal -- to be included in the 2001 Defense Authorization bill -- that would authorize a $275 reimbursement for state pet quarantine fees. Pet owners now have to pay $655 for a minimum 30-day stay in quarantine for a cat or dog. For those who do not meet specific pre-quarantine qualifications, the cost is $1,080 for a 120-day stay.


Kokua Line
By June Watanabe
Wednesday, August 18, 1999

Possession of illegal animal can result in hefty fine

Question Has there ever been a fine imposed for the horrendously stupid act of importing an illegal reptile to the state of Hawaii If so,...

Wednesday, July 7, 1999

Quarantine costs

Pet owners will have to put up more money for quarantine stays starting Monday. Last week Gov. Ben Cayetano signed the new fees into effect, more than doubling the cost of a 30-day stay at the Halawa facility over the next four years.

Star-Bulletin Local News
Friday, April 30, 1999

Quarantine fee hike is unfair, detractors say

The fee for a 30-day pet quarantine may jump from $290 for dogs and $275 for cats to $755 for both By Susan Kreifels Star-Bulletin Nearly tripling pet quarantine fees will give...

Star-Bulletin Local News
Saturday, April 3, 1999
By Gregg K. Kakesako Star-Bulletin

Ag board ponders quarantine fee hike

A proposal to almost triple the rates may be heard at the Board of Agriculture's meeting on April 29 Controversial fees that could nearly triple the cost...

Star-Bulletin Local News
Saturday, March 20, 1999

Pet owners howl at proposed fees

Quarantine rates would more than double for a 30-day stay, to over $800 By Harold Morse Star-Bulletin Military personnel and others are objecting to substantial fee hikes being proposed to...

Kokua Line
By June Watanabe
Wednesday, January 20, 1999

Animal quarantine laws explained in info packet

It is so upsetting to know my cats cannot be here with me in Hawaii because of the quarantine law. How can I get my cats over here...


Star-Bulletin Local News
Aug 21, 1997

Shorter pet quarantine goes into effect today

By Neal Iwamoto Star-Bulletin
The new program cuts the requirement from 120 to 30 days. For the past three months, the Halawa animal quarantine station has become a second home for Juliet Addington. She...

Pet Quarantine
Wednesday, May 14, 1997

Pet quarantine cut to 30 days, despite concerns

Despite last-minute protests, there's now a shorter quarantine for pets: 30 days rather than 120. The new rule takes effect May 23, with the first animal to...

Star-Bulletin Local News
By Gregg K. Kakesako Star-Bulletin
April 24, 1997

Ag board votes to cut quarantine for pets

If Cayetano OKs it, pets could be sprung in just 30 days. The state Board of Agriculture today eased animal quarantine rules. The state s current 120-day quarantine would...

Kokua Line
By June Watanabe
Thursday, April 10, 1997

30-day quarantine could go into effect in May

I am relocating to Hawaii in July. What happened to the proposal to change the pet quarantine period from four months to 30 days If it is a question...

Star-Bulletin Local News
By Rod Thompson, Star-Bulletin
February 24, 1997

State's first satellite quarantine facility

Rena Harper visits her dogs Booboo, Nosey and Snooper at the state s first satellite animal quarantine facility, in Orchidland on the Big Island. State s first satellite quarantine facility is ëa blessing The Bar-King...

View Point
By Michael A. Lilly
February 21, 1997

Guide dogs should be spared quarantine

Lawsuit settlement results in strict rules that will keep rabies out and let blind visitors and residents leave and return without giving up their dogs

Star-Bulletin Local News
By Harold Morse Star-Bulletin
January 24, 1997

Pet owners rejoice Quarantine is cut to 30 days

Dogs and cats entering Hawaii will be quarantined 30 days - instead of the current 120 days - provided several conditions are met. The state Board of Agriculture voted...

No snakes in Hawaii

Star-Bulletin Local News
By Pat Omandam, Star-Bulletin
Thursday, February 4, 1999

Senate panel advances bill to fight brown tree snake

State officials say a Senate bill that creates a task force to find the best way to stop the brown tree snake from establishing itself in Hawaii is unnecessary because such an effort is already under way.

Star-Bulletin Local News
Saturday, August 8, 1998

Guam brown tree snake found dead at airport

A brown tree snake from Guam was found dead in the landing gear of an Air Micronesia aircraft at Honolulu Airport.

Star-Bulletin Local News
By Keith Kosaki, Star-Bulletin
Thursday, April 16, 1998

Gov. importing a live brown tree snake for dog training

The Department of Agriculture will import the brown tree snake, a sterile male. Currently, frozen brown tree snakes or occasional live species turned in to the Plant Quarantine Branch, such as pythons, are used in training exercises.

Star-Bulletin Local News
Tuesday, February 24, 1998

Brown tree snake may be allowed here to train sniffing dogs

The state Department of Agriculture wants an exemption from the snake ban in Hawaii to bring in its own sterile brown tree snake.

Star-Bulletin Local News
By Lori Tighe, Star-Bulletin
Tuesday, March 17, 1998

ëClock is tickingí on Guam snakes

A U.S. official requests $1 million more to keep the pests out of Hawaii

Star-Bulletin Local News
Friday, December 12, 1997

Kailua woman finds dead snake in Christmas tree

The woman discovered the deceased intruder, probably dead a week or more, in the branches when she unbundled the tree Monday, they said.

Star-Bulletin Local News
Aug 8, 1997

Snake sneaks

While money and efforts are focused on keeping the brown tree snake out of Hawaii, that slithering reptile isn't the state's biggest snake threat. People are. Of the 144 snakes captured by state agriculture inspectors in the 1990s, inspectors estimate about 100 were illegal pets smuggled into the islands.

Star-Bulletin Local News
By Pete Pichaske, Phillips News Service
February 26, 1997

Tree snake funds win Clinton OK

WASHINGTON -- After years of federal indifference and occasional ridicule, Hawaii's battle against the brown tree snake is finally getting some respect here.

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