Interim UH chancellor
joins WAC board

Denise Konan looks forward to serving on the Western Athletic Conference board of directors.

The interim University of Hawaii-Manoa chancellor replaces Peter Englart on the WAC board.

"I want to reaffirm that I consider this an important part of my responsibilities as chancellor, and I'm looking forward to my term as the institution's representative," Konan said.

The WAC board has turned down several high-profile recommendations by the WAC council (comprised of athletic directors and other athletic department officials) in recent years.

The board and council have clashed on issues such as credits required for postseason participation and the use of instant replay as an officiating aid in football games.

"Our responsibility is to make sure the interests of the university are well-served on the conference board of directors," she said. "That includes full support for the 'student' part of the student-athlete equation, where we have done fairly well in the last few years."

Konan was introduced to the rest of the board in a conference call yesterday.

"Chancellor Konan is well-equipped and ready to take on the challenges of the WAC as our representative to the board," UH athletic director Herman Frazier said.

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