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Species' value doesn't depend on human use

The Associated Press article on the effect of global warming on certain endangered species, published in the May 3 Star-Bulletin, highlighted the disappearance and reduction of the American pika, a 6-inch, 4-oz., furry, hamster-like creature. I wonder how many readers thought, "So what?"

In the arid western United States, the pika habitat of choice is mountain slopes. They burrow underground. This aerating of the mountain increases the water-retention ability of the soil. A significant result of the disappearance/reduction of the pika is the increase in forest fires.

The value of a species has nothing to do with its perceived utility by humans.

Dorothy I. Cornell

Isles' future depends on clean environment

Thank you for the excellent column in the April 25 Star-Bulletin titled, "All one ahupuaa when it comes to mercury." I hope to see more articles like this one on Hawaii's environment, which is the basis of our economy and quality of life.

Neil Frazer

Democrats have failed the people of Hawaii

The recent override of Gov. Linda Lingle's veto of HB 2003 by Democratic lawmakers goes to show that the Democratic Legislature has failed Hawaii time after time. This override will hurt Hawaii families by putting more drugs on the street. The Dems are sending the wrong message by focusing more on rehabilitation rather than enhanced penalties like harsher sentencing guidelines. Lingle and Lt. Gov. Aiona are leading an effort to make Hawaii a better place to live, but the Dems are hampering that effort by enacting legislation with no teeth.

Democrats continue to lead Hawaii to murky waters, high taxes, crime, more drugs on the streets, unemployment, poor business climate, and the list goes on. Furthermore, they have continued to fail Hawaii's people by alienating one of the most important formulas in politics: bipartisanship. I'd be more than happy to give Hawaii's Democratic lawmakers a crash course on unity and bipartisanship. The party that really seems to unify Hawaii is the Republicans.

Johnny Oram
Lansign, Mich.
Chaminade University Class of 1997

Is Kuhio Avenue work really necessary?

The construction project on Kuhio Avenue regarding the deletion of the far-right lane Ewa bound seems to be creating more problems. Traffic is the major concern. With only one lane available in most areas causes increased congestion among commuters. When city, shuttle and tour buses, along with trolleys, load and unload passengers, it holds up traffic since there's not enough room on the side of the road. I'm not blaming bus drivers at all, because there is simply not enough room. All this traffic then pours onto the side street leading to Ala Wai Boulevard, which can't handle more traffic than it already tolerates.

I must admit that the removal of the far-right lane on Kalakaua Avenue fronting the beach was necessary, simply because there is less traffic and more pedestrians.

I'm positive others agree with my concern that this construction project is a mess. If the objective is to widen the sidewalks, insert a bike lane or whatever it is, then the idea should've been reconsidered. Money can be well spent on other issues, such as repairing potholes.

Kelly Kempczenski

New teachers are in for a rude surprise

The so-called pay raise the teachers have no choice but to accept isn't what is being sold to the public as a 7 percent raise. This is a 1 percent raise in Jan. 2005, a 3 percent cost of living incremental step move this July that we should have gotten last July and a 3 percent cost of living incremental step move Jan. 2005 that we should get the beginning of this next school year. On top of this, two more steps have been cut off the bottom of the salary schedule to attract beginning teachers to come here.

What they won't realize is that they will not get the apparent step movement in the salary schedule the next year like they would in mainland school districts. The increase in the beginning salary is merely bait to the trap.

We used to have 15 steps, but now we have 11. One would think you could get to the top step in 11 years, but at this rate, it would take 30 years or more.

If HB1924 passes this week, it will restore the yearly step movements and hope to veteran teachers. This will ensure a cost of living raise each year, and not make it necessary to negotiate salaries every year or two.

Vern Dahl

Kihei, Maui

Why is UH still trying to get another logo?

I am curious about the ongoing fuss involving the logo "H" at the University of Hawaii. Why are we hiring companies to design another "H" logo? Are we going to have two "H" logos? It seems to me that the current logo is doing fine. We have this logo on the basketball/volleyball court and at the Aloha Stadium. This "H" appears to be representative of UH. Assuming another logo "H" is chosen, what happens with the current "H"? Will there be one "H" for sports and another for the academia? This is a total waste of taxpayers' money.

Jason Tani

Postal rules are for customers' safety

Regarding to Barry Smith's comment, in his May 3 letter to the editor, about his undeliverable mail in a small-town rural setting: We at the Post Office are instructed to deliver an article of mail according to the address that is written on it. For security and privacy reasons, we are not allowed to deliver or hand over mail other than to the person and address mailbox receptacle on the mail regardless of whether we know where or who in our heart that place or person is.

It is imperative that we follow protocol. It's for the customer's protection.

Michael Nomura


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