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Substitute nurses just in it for money

It appears we get a far bigger response from the public when people are faced with the possibility of running out of rice or toilet paper than with the prospect of having stressed-out, overworked nurses caring for them in the hospital. We are not politicians; we are nurses on our last legs trying desperately to make you aware of a dire situation. Now, if Dr. Peter Halford, chief of staff at Queen's Medical Center, has convinced you that it's business as usual at Queen's (Star-Bulletin, Dec. 4), then he might also have some oceanfront property in Las Vegas he'd like to sell you.

It's just not that simple. These nurses from the mainland don't care about you or your loved ones, or about your community. They are here to make a few fast dollars, and they will be flying out of Dodge just as fast as they came in.

We care for you, now you must care for us by supporting the nurses during this difficult time. Write letters, make phone calls, give us a wave of support when you drive by us on Punchbowl Street. We miss being at your bedside -- it's who we are and what we do best.

Leslie Garamella
Registered nurse

Hanabusa is best choice for 2nd District

I find it disturbing that we just elected to Congress an individual whose connection to rural Hawaii is that he lived there more than 30 years ago. Didn't we just pass a constitutional amendment stating that we want our legislators to reside in the district that they want to represent?

We have a chance on Jan. 4 to elect a person who lives in the 2nd Congressional District, a person who understands first-hand the problems and issues facing the people of this district. Of the major candidates in the race, the only one that fits these criteria is Colleen Hanabusa.

Hanabusa provided powerful representation for the residents of the Waianae Coast. She can do even more for the residents of rural Hawaii as their congresswoman.

Lori Shimoda

Olelo gives Democrats preferential treatment

Is Hawaii state government choosing who you should consider voting for ("Hanabusa to unveil platform in bid for Congress," Star-Bulletin, Dec. 3)? Is Olelo community television in the business of serving the already served, rather than the underserved?

Apparently, alternative voices aren't important to Olelo.

It will be interesting to see if Olelo's majority government-appointed board has approved the funding for this debate between state Sen. Colleen Hanabusa, Ed Case and Matt Matsunaga -- all Democrats -- and who "invited" the participants. I guess the two one-hour shows with preferential scheduling Hanabusa has already received for campaign purposes wasn't enough.

I can't wait to see what the other 41 candidates have to say about this.

Jeff Garland
Hawaii Public Access Media

Airport signs changed for more clarity

We are glad the new airport signs got John Corboy's attention (Letters, Star-Bulletin, Nov. 21). We believe that the bright sign material will make it easier to locate the signs among the background clutter and distractions.

We did change many of the previous descriptions to more closely meet facility changes and to address what the businesses at the airport told us would help their customers. For instance, the previous words "Departures" and "Arrivals" describe a series of events that are different for everyone. If you're dropping off someone leaving on an interisland flight, you could do so at the ground level (previously "Arrivals") so that you can more easily get back to Nimitz Highway.

Someone arriving on an interisland flight with only carry-on bags could choose to be picked up on the second level (previously "Departures") to avoid the occasionally high congestion at the ground-level curbside where cars may be three layers deep loading bags.

The new terms "Ticketing" and "Bag Claim" describe what is going on immediately adjacent to the curbside. Along with directions to "Parking" and "Rental Car Return," it should be clearer to you where you'll end up when you follow a sign direction.

If you're accustomed to finding the second level by looking for the label "Departures" and the ground level by looking for "Arrival," please remember that it is now "Ticketing" and "Bag Claim," which should be more useful to visitors who need more specific information.

Dennis Higa
Airports engineering manager
State Department of Transportation

Ignorance far worse than sex-ed brochure

I read with interest about the woman who complained that a health education brochure covering sexual matters had been given to her son at Kohala Middle School ("Sex education brochure at middle school protested," Star-Bulletin, Nov. 22).

Having practiced family medicine and pediatrics for 17 years in Kohala and raised my children there, I'd like to add my opinion on this issue.

I have reviewed the material in question as well as the Web links recommended in it, and assure you that any effort to impede the valuable effect of providing this rational, well-written material to every student is deplorable.

Sex education in our culture is still hit and miss for far too many kids. They get it behind buildings, in parked cars, at the beach -- and they get just enough to get pregnant, infected or scared stiff. Let us continue to give them the information they deserve, with well-thought-out handouts and discussions with knowledgeable people.

Don't stop the education. It can make or break a child's life, the ignorance far more dangerous than the imaginary risks of the information given.

Frank L. Tabrah, M.D.
University of Hawaii School of Medicine

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