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Saturday, October 9, 1999

Is Mighty Mo a battleship or a farm?

Pray tell, has the "Mighty Mo" really been converted to an aquaculture or hydroponic farm? Must be, since Sept. 29 news reports said the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved a multimillion-dollar guaranteed ag loan for the USS Missouri Association.

An ag loan for a warship? Sounds like corrupt political pork to me, especially with many poor family farmers struggling to survive with no government help.

Perhaps small farmers and poor people should be given the $300 billion Pentagon budget. Now that would be justice!

Jim Albertini
Kurtistown, Hawaii

Maybe 'hate radio' is appropriate description

If Julie Rambo's (Letters, Sept. 22) use of the term "hate radio" so offends Art Todd (Letters, Sept. 27), how else might she characterize a station that broadcasts shows hosted by:

Bullet A convicted felon who urged his listeners to "aim for the head" when confronting federal law enforcement personnel?
Bullet A pop-therapist who hypocritically condemns the immoral behavior of others despite her own history of extramarital activity?
Bullet A grossly overweight man who once had the nerve to describe an adolescent Chelsea Clinton as "the White House dog," and who provides a sympathetic forum for malcontents to accuse her parents of murder, drug-dealing, treason, etc.?
Bullet A self-described "night-owl" who believes that evidence of UFOs and extra-terrestrials is being hidden from the public at a secret government base somewhere in the Nevada desert?

Would "fringe radio" suffice?

Donald Koelper
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"After five years, there will be no benefits forever. Some people don't believe this and think the state will pick it up, but it won't happen."

Susan Chandler
Head of the state Department of Human Services
On new rules adopted in Hawaii to prompt welfare families to find employment

"We've got to keep the ball out of their hands as much as possible. The thing about their offense is they can score on one play from any point on the field and we have to be aware of that, defensively."

Ken Hatfield
Head coach of the Rice University football team
On the University of Hawaii Rainbows, going into tonight's matchup at Aloha Stadium with a 4-1 record

Why all the fuss about university mascot?

I just read your ridiculous Sept. 30 story about the benching of the UH mascot. Maybe the Hawaiian warrior should be replaced with something more historically correct -- like a U.S. Marine (a modern warrior), who was used to overthrow the Hawaiian monarchy. Now THAT would be offensive.

Or how about a Rainbow Man, a guy with the fake rainbow-colored afro? Or Palm Tree Man, similar to Stanford University's Pinetree mascot?

Seriously, though, of all the things for Hawaiians to be concerned about -- poverty, drugs, alcoholism or diet-related health problems that plague their community -- they are disturbed most by the UH mascot?

It's unbelievable that someone would want to harm a student wearing a costume that most people do not find offensive.

Clete Vito
La Habra, Calif.
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Roy Price will be missed at civil defense

With Roy Price's retirement as vice director of state civil defense, Hawaii has lost an extremely dedicated person. Yep! Everybody knows "Larry," the other brother. But "Roy," well, he's quite a guy.

If not for him, Hawaii would not have gotten the Marine Spill Response Corp. to base its equipment in the islands -- some $25 million worth. Any oil spills would have to be fought with equipment based in California.

Hawaii wasn't even on the map until Roy Price brought this issue to Governor Waihee's attention. Seeing into the future and planning for potential natural disasters is a tough job, and he did it with class, distinction and not a lot of "puff."

Those who know, know. Thanks, Roy, for all your kokua.

G.A. "Red" Morris

Don't blame the GOP for lousy public schools

I don't know where Bixby K.G. Ho gets his misinformation that the "Republicans don't care about Hawaii's kids" (Letters, Oct. 1). It's obvious that the party in power for the past 40 years can either take credit for or be blamed for the condition of Hawaii's public schools.

If the public schools can be fixed by the Democratic Party, why do most legislators (who are mostly Democrats) send their kids to private schools?

Meanwhile, our Democratic "Education Governor" has consistently cut funding for public schools including to the University of Hawaii, which has had its budget slashed more than any university in the country.

We've heard the talk every year from the Legislature and governor that they are going to "fix our rotten schools." Every year, they cut funding and prevent any new ideas from Republicans from being passed.

If you like our current public school system, by all means go get that Democratic Party card, as Ho suggests; if you want to fix what's broken, it's time to sign up with the Republicans.

Garry P. Smith
Ewa Beach

Exploiting people of Hawaii continues

We are regular visitors to Hawaii and hope to relocate there in a couple of years. The price gouging (and there is no other appropriate term) has hurt your state's image for years and has done nothing to attract businesses that could go a long way in providing employment and opportunity to all residents.

I only hope that your exposé will prompt appropriate action by the state government and, more importantly, by local residents to control or boycott these usurious businesses. Their actions are short-sighted and equivalent to the days of exploiting the Hawaiian Islands and native people by exporting riches and leaving behind poverty and pollution.

Jim Cox
Federal Way, Wash.
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'Stars' try to jazz up national anthem

Hooray for W.W. Robinson (Letters, Sept. 30). I am a regular attendee at UH men's and women's basketball and volleyball games. When asked to stand for the national anthem (and to remove our hats, too), I wonder what rendition of the anthem we will hear. Many times, I am disappointed.

I wrote to the UH Athletics Department complaining about the so-called popular recording stars who lack good sense in their singing of the anthem. They appear to be trying to present their own original interpretation, which in most cases is not in keeping with the solemn intent.

Somebody is not exercising quality control in the selection of the artists. One group's members had their backs to the colors until a guide corrected them.

There is only one rendition of the national anthem: to sing it as written. Only then are the lyrics and music meaningful and beautiful.

Howard S. Okada
U.S. Army (Ret.)
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