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Thursday, July 22, 1999


Field of dreams may become nightmare

In response to your July 17 article, "Cayetano wants reality check on 'field of dreams,' " I agree with the governor's reasoning: If we are going to build a $27 million stadium and international baseball and soccer games are to be held there, that would bring in some tourism but not enough.

The project would be a big waste of money, since we already have many parks for playing games and holding practices. If Cayetano decides to go ahead with the 60-acre project, he should first get the full participation of the Japanese baseball teams and international soccer groups before starting to build.

Bryan Phillips
Via the Internet

Consolidated frequently bans discount tickets

Your July 14 article about restrictions on discounted theater admissions was interesting, but perhaps not entirely accurate.

For example, I was able to use my Wallace discount ticket to see "Arlington Road" at the Kailua Cinema, while Consolidated Cinemas barred the use of its discounted tickets for the same film that same evening.

In fact, Consolidated has gone a lot farther than competitors Signature and Wallace in banning the use of discounted tickets. One can only assume it is enjoying this profit grab.

Ken Armstrong
Via the Internet

Bankruptcy headline was misleading

Your July 1 headline read, "Hawaii's bankruptcy rate slows." Wrong! For the first half of 1999, the "rate" of bankruptcies (filings per population) increased compared to the first half of 1998.

Granted, the percentage increase in bankruptcies for '98-'99 was not as large as the percentage increase for '97-'98, but that is of little help to those struggling to cope with Hawaii's mismanaged economy.

Unfortunately, the exodus to the mainland of many of our best and brightest will continue.

Kent Fletcher
Via the Internet

Anzai might exploit his power as AG

Friends of Earl Anzai, the appointed interim attorney general, say that he is honest, straightforward and a person of much integrity.

But if Anzai does have such positive qualities, why did he tell legislators at the beginning of the 1999 session that the state had a $25-million deficit? Then, three weeks prior to the general election, he told the media that the state had a surplus of $33 million.

Wasn't this playing politics to make the governor's bid for re-election look better?

Is such a person qualified to be our attorney general, a very powerful position? He or she is in a position to ruin the lives of political opponents through lawsuits.

Wilbert W.W. Wong


"I liked working in news.
I loved the stories, getting out and
meeting people. But my hobby of
writing just sort of demanded
that it become a real career."

Lee Cataluna
On her first feature film, "Ho'olawe: Give and Take,"
which will be shot in Hawaii

"It doesn't present an overall
nice image of Waikiki. People leave
with the impression that the streets
of Waikiki are kind of schlocky."

Jean Rolles
On a City Council bill designed to curb those who take pictures
of tourists with animals like colorful birds, and then
charge the visitors up to $25 per photo

JFK Jr. was a nice guy with makings of leader

I first met John Kennedy Jr., when he asked me to "spot" him in the weight room at college. Everyone on the Brown University campus knew who he was. It seemed everyone also knew that he wanted to be left alone by the press and the press pretty much did.

John didn't have a bodyguard following his every move like Fizel Hussein, the son of King Hussein and a fellow student at Brown. John fit comfortably into the college atmosphere.

There was hardly anyone in the weight room that day. He approached me to help him or "spot" him on the bench press. I gave him encouragement and praise for his efforts as he grunted to complete the last few reps.

The experience for guys working out together in the weight room is analogous to the ritual women have when shopping together. You encourage, you compliment, and in between gossip.

That semester, I continued to meet John in the weight room and got to know a little more about him. I saw a man who was committed, determined and who had a positive attitude.

I especially admired his quest to make his own mark in life. He easily could have sat back and "sponged" off his family's fortune and history. He leaves us with many lessons to learn from and examples to emulate. It's a mark of a leader.

Eric Russo

'Goddess' column offers women equity

Stephanie Kendrick's July 6 "Goddess Speaks" column was wonderfully written, clever and delightful to read. I want to thank her for speaking for so many silent voices who feel the way she does.

Change is worrisome to those who believe they will lose some of their power, prestige and status. What a shame equality has to be sacrificed on such an altar of ignorance. If equality were a reality, fear would be non-existent.

May all those men who object to birth control, abortion or who refuse to wear a condom opt for a vasectomy to help equate the foundation of safe sex.

Here's a cheer for equality! Keep being a voice for it.

Carolyn Martinez Golojuch

Tam was instrumental in getting traffic signal

As a Liliha resident, I frequently use Nuuanu Avenue to go downtown. In the past few years, because of the increase in traffic, it has become difficult to make a left-hand turn from Nuuanu Avenue onto Vineyard Boulevard.

I made several requests to city and state officials for a left-turn signal at this intersection, but got no response. The only person who listened and offered help was Sen. Rod Tam. He kept me informed as to progress being made.

Recently, I received a call from Tam. He informed me that construction on the dedicated left-turn signal at Nuuanu and Vineyard would probably start this month and may be completed by year's end.

I thank him for listening and getting the job done.

Henry Chu


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