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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Remember your pets in storm preparations

Here in Hawaii we are urged to be "hurricane prepared." From the horror of Katrina we must learn lessons. One of the lessons is preparing to evacuate pets. For some people a pet is the most important thing in their lives.

All Katrina's victims are in pain. We have witnessed misery compounded by being forced to leave a pet to starve or die of thirst. Survivors can be helped to heal if they have their pets with them when all else has been lost.

This tragedy highlights the need for making plans for managing pets in disasters. Pet owners take on a big responsibility. Part of this responsibility is having secure pet carrier and emergency food and water for just such events as Katrina. Many people in New Orleans refused to evacuate because they acknowledged this responsibility.

Every living thing feels thirst, hunger, fear and pain. The suffering of Katrina's victims is compounded by the loss of their companion animals. Take note, pet owners.

Lois Raynor

Many evacuees are allergic to animals

Lynne Matusow must realize that many people in this state have asthma, allergies and sensitivity to animal dander, myself included ("Evacuees should be able to take their pets," Letters, Sept. 19). To have animals in the emergency shelters would greatly affect our health. I get very ill around animals, especially dogs, cats or any animal with fur/hair. Three years of expensive allergy shots have not given me much relief.

So I suggest to Matusow that if she is worried about her animals that she should move to some location which has zero possibility of hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes or any other emergency that would force her to leave her animals behind.

Ann Ruby

Bush's critics don't have better ideas

Blaming games against our president never cease since the Democrats lost two presidential elections. From time to time you read unkind and unfounded criticism against the younger Bush. His critics want to prove that President Bush is not the right leader of our great country. They want a national leader who is like God, who can foresee the future and act to prevent destruction of humans and property by evil men and forces of nature.

Any leader past or present is a human being like anyone walking on the streets. And so far President Bush has acted humanely and responsibly during his tenure in office. If anyone has a better solution or idea to lead our country, let it be God, not the Democrats; otherwise, shut up or offer constructive solutions.

Bernardo P. Benigno

Bring all the sons home from Iraq war

Kudos to Pat Murray for writing an insightful and articulate piece ("We're proud of our son, but not what he is doing," Gathering Place, Sept. 18). His son is in Iraq fighting a war that should never have happened for a president who has consistently lied to the American public while allowing his rich friends to get richer through tax breaks and profiteering.

I'm afraid that there is no end to this quagmire, and it will only continue to worsen. It's time to end this travesty and get out. Our son, who is with the Hawaii Army National Guard in Kuwait, has been away from home long enough. Mr. Murray writes that he wants his son home now; so do we.

Dale Hood

New Kakaako plan doesn't make sense

It boggles the mind to think that the Kakaako area will be further developed with residential and retail properties. By far the biggest issue on our island is traffic, with the government raising taxes to build, maintain and protect a rail system that will run who knows where. And yet they want to cram another neighborhood into the Kakaako area?

I suppose the most disturbing aspect of this development was the minimal amount of public input and the preposterous lack of urban planning on an invaluable coastline site. Why in a sane world would you want to put in a retail development in between the triangle of Ala Moana Center, Ward Center, Ward Warehouse and Aloha Tower? Don't any of our city and state officials and urban planners drive down Ala Moana Boulevard? And this is before the three residential high-rises currently being built bring thousands more to live and work in this area.

If city and state officials are trying to increase population and traffic densities to justify the proposed rail system, they are doing a wonderful job!

Pat Kelly

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