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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Paper should have let the deceased rest

Regarding "The Fall of the House of Fong" (Star-Bulletin, July 5), I am surprised that despite the abundance of collective journalistic experience that must reside at the Star-Bulletin, no one there seems to have heard of the old saying, "May he rest in peace."

Bill Fong (no relation)

Early pullout would mean lives lost in vain

Regarding the letter by Alf Maglalang ("It's time to pull our troops from Iraq," July 4): It saddens me to think that there are people who are willing to let those who have given so much be for nothing. The fact of the matter is there are wonderful things happening for the Iraqis, and the vast majority of them appreciate our sacrifices. There are people who would undermine the efforts of the U.S. military just to make President Bush look bad, simply because of their hate for him and their hate for the Republican Party.

It was for a variety of reasons that we went into Iraq, all of which were good reasons. That we haven't found WMD is the only one that was questionable. There were many other reasons and all of them were just.

We must stay the course, we will win the peace and the freedom for the Iraqis. The president gave us an exit strategy. It was that we would leave when the job is done. And done it must be, or those wounded and lives lost will have been for nothing. What a shame that would be.

Mahalo nui loa for all of our volunteers; every one of them is a hero. We must make sure that their efforts are not in vain, just because some hate the president .

Gordon "Doc" Smith
Kapaa, Kauai

Young golfer brings prestige to Hawaii

No matter what the naysayers and pessimists might say about Michelle Wie, she is a great asset to golf and to Hawaii.

Hawaii might be just a dot in the vast Pacific, but every time M.W. tees it up, she's making Hawaii a more prominent place, which is positive prestige for all of us in Hawaii, don't you believe?

Go, Michelle, go!

Tetsuji Ono
Hilo, Hawaii

They're not 'terrorists,' they're punk cowards

Hey, Hawaii, America, the world ... listen up. We are going about this all wrong. Wrong insofar as bad semantics when we label these punk killers of children and the defenseless as "terrorists" or "suicide bombers."

Terror defined means a state of intense fear; or one that inspires fear. This gives them a psychological advantage and continuing to call them "terrorists" only steels their passion to go on and to multiply in numbers throughout the world, which is exactly what is occurring right now. Same with labeling them "suicide bombers." All we're doing is enhancing their belief and passage into what they believe as martyrdom.

How about making a complete turnabout and begin calling them what they are - cowards, punks, lowlifes, children killers, imbeciles.

But please, no more calling them "terrorists" or "suicide bombers." C'mon, media, you should take the lead here, so let's get with it.

Hank McKeague

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