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November 2001

[V.6, No. 293 - Thu., Nov. 1, 2001]
Aquaculture firm faces bankruptcy suit; Heart study probes secrets of life; Aid sought for Kapolei library; UH gears up to build med center; Special-ed investigators warned; 'Be happy in heaven'; City workers settle in at Kapolei Hale; Effort bridges Kauai residents;
[V.6, No. 294 - Fri., Nov. 2, 2001]
Outrigger plan targets properties; Dobelle residence fixes cost $1 mil; Gov's gifts to NYC bear hope for isles; Big Isle dengue case confirmed; Maui supports dengue funds; Waahila Ridge hearing; Superintendent search suspended; Nanakuli shooting trial begins
[V.6, No. 295 - Sat., Nov. 3, 2001]
Bills target economic recovery; Dobelle house under scrutiny; Navy reveals Ehime expenses; East-West Center hit with threat of anthrax; Woman says police supplied drugs; Redistricting splits Ewa; Felix panel to challenge ruling
[V.6, No. 296 - Sun., Nov. 4, 2001]
Gov blasts Legislature; Maui at top of tropical isles; Shop for Hawaii; Desperate for financial relief; Retailers give mixed reactions; The Army, mobile and lethal; Residents applaud Pali crosswalk; Maui County faces $1 million tab
[V.6, No. 297 - Mon., Nov. 5, 2001]
Year of the deal; Charter school faces changes; Repairing Ehime lift assembly; Woman praised on handling letter; Coping with Sept.11 stress; Trial greets real-time video; Ala Wai boats overstaying welcome; Weekend Scene; Streetwise
[V.6, No. 298 - Tue., Nov. 6, 2001]
193 arrested in Big Isle sting; Duke to be enshrined on stamp; Kaluakoi Hotel in sales talks; Religious marijuana case in isle court; Revised consent law yields 3 cases since July; Economic emergency bill signed; Strike frustration recalled; Arakawa lawyer's health an issue
[V.6, No. 299 - Wed., Nov. 7, 2001]
Isle fight against anthrax; Cayetano predicts $1 billion loss; Mayor Kim threatens layoffs; Obstacles to meeting benchmarks; Food Frenzy; Waikiki Beach weekend movies; Ex-judge calls for Harris's resignation; State OKs Ehime Maru memorial
[V.6, No. 300 - Thu., Nov. 8, 2001]
Smoking ban may go on ballot; Navy ends Ehime Maru search; Welfare deadline dims hopes; Lawmakers to go after Felix monitor again; Opening paths to the heart; Alternative treatments explored; Nude-beach hearing draws crowd
[V.6, No. 301 - Fri., Nov. 9, 2001]
United cuts 171 jobs; Doing chores to help Afghan kids; Hirono says she will run for mayor; Foreign students' future uncertain; Tech upgrade boosts 911 service; 6 suspected dengue cases at Hickam; Analyst: Teacher bonuses never calculated
[V.6, No. 302 - Sat., Nov. 10, 2001]
Hirono move shakes 2 races; Bunda, possible lieutenant governor; Guard beefs up airport security; The band plays on; HECO offers to compromise; Committee agrees to beach deal; Union OKs police shortage lawsuit; FBI shifts workload
[V.6, No. 303 - Sun., Nov. 11, 2001]
Child porn arrests up; Maui soldiers killed are remembered; Pearl Harbor gunfire elicits Navy probe; LeMahieu cell-phone use questioned; Military couples switch parental roles; National heart conference

[V.6, No. 304 - Mon., Nov. 12, 2001]
Jet crashes in N.Y; 1 flight delayed in Honolulu; People urged to remember civilian toll; Youth groups join global gift drive; Teens explore career options; POW movie 'To End All Wars'; Board urges stricter fishing rules
[V.6, No. 305 - Tue., Nov. 13, 2001]
Terror attacks stall Akaka bill; Passengers jumpy, but many still plan to fly; Eternal flame honors terror victims; Isle Afghans back U.S. mission; Therapy dog mourned; Vet's family in benefits struggle; Grants fuel Parker School science; Better tutoring urged for kids with cancer
[V.6, No. 306 - Wed., Nov. 14, 2001]
Owner of Ethel's shutting its doors; Council considers smoking bill again; Maui film festival; Hawaii tests clean for anthrax; Queen's to get decontamination facility; State seeks input on schools; Airport drug arrests up; Panel expects state revenues to fall
[V.6, No. 307 - Thu., Nov. 15, 2001]
Nordstrom plans to expand; Flag prompts apology; Tourism outlook dreary; Ex-Maui woman killed in Boston; Waikiki condemnations deferred; 'Code talker' duty recalled; Foodbank braces for aid requests; Prescription for care; Makikilo to share district
[V.6, No. 308 - Fri., Nov. 16, 2001]
State looks at layoffs, cuts; Gov looks to raise U.S. flag at palace; Harris gets Outrigger donations; Loyal Garner, 55, dies; Harry Potter gift gets cold reception; Christian leaders caution Potter film; Feds want charges against legislator
[V.6, No. 309 - Sat., Nov. 17, 2001]
Bloated Felix bills; Travelers generally favor bill; Mirikitani indicates he'll resign; Isle firms get windfall from Army; Harris donors agree to pay fines; How climates affect fisheries; Star-Bulletin agrees to pay cut; Airport bill could help Hawaii
[V.6, No. 310 - Sun., Nov. 18, 2001]
Tests fortold anthrax danger; Group issues appeal to help the needy; Port Royal deploys for battle; OHA seeks moratorium; Church has early Thanksgiving; Historic Navy assignment; Niu Valley students craft model

[V.6, No. 311 - Mon., Nov. 19, 2001]
Many teachers arrive, move on soon; UH school wins over fluoride; Crash kills 3; Foodbank helps laid-off workers; Button boy to go on 'Rosie'; Pollution study gets $25K; H-2 blaze believed to be arson; Tissue donations down; Summit addresses uninsured
[V.6, No. 312 - Tue., Nov. 20, 2001]
Science test scores drop; Auahi crossing danger seen; New teachers balance discipline, culture; Hanauma, Bellows polluted, EPA says; Contract misleads, says Cayetano; Politics blamed in pool delay; State, Felix lawyer at odds
[V.6, No. 313 - Wed., Nov. 21, 2001]
Time of need; Agencies have more to feed; Hurricane Fund would save jobs; OHA wants control of ceded lands; Tons of debris cleared; Flag decision in hands of palace; Panel approves tax measures; Gardner McKay, 69, dies of cancer
[V.6, No. 314 - Thu., Nov. 22, 2001]
Ruling deletes sex crime Web list; Fire victims give back; Meaning in parade; Patience holding for passengers; Airports plan for transition; FBI wants immigrants questioned; Harris donors fined; 240 layoffs possible at UH; Hirono fund-raisers allowed; Miracles unite family; Macy's switch
[V.6, No. 315 - Fri., Nov. 23, 2001]
Shoppers swamp stores; Volunteerism sparked by attacks; Dinner found under ground; Ehime Maru lawsuit planned; Harbor Court dispute near end; Big Isle fire forces evacuations; Ex-smoker honored for activism; TV anchor to run for office
[V.6, No. 316 - Sat., Nov. 24, 2001]
Panel lists Freitas' charges; Pearl Harbor inspires band; ACLU urges HPD not to help feds; Man attacks bank; Republicans push for tax reprieve; City Lights will have patriotic hue; Tanonaka looks to raise issues; 2nd charge on suspect in slaying
[V.6, No. 317 - Sun., Nov. 25, 2001]
Child abuse levels rising; Court targets abuse sources; Child sex abuse victim rebuilds; Former homeless couple marry; Gov candidates pick paths; UH appoints Ah San; Laie pushes cafeteria expansion; Ehime Maru begins final trip; 24-hour duty, 24-hour care

[V.6, No. 318 - Mon., Nov. 26, 2001]
Centers expand for abuse cases; Center cares for kids in despair; Program helps heal abuse wounds; Anderson enters Gov race; Unwelcome frog; Ehime Maru slips into ocean grave; Man pleads not guilty in bank attack; Kids feel spirit in music
[V.6, No. 319 - Tue., Nov. 27, 2001]
Rain drops woes, relief; 'Lady of Love' remembered; Tougher abuse laws urged; Ehime Maru photos offer final glimpse; Inheritance dispute cited in bank rage; School to reopen despite broken main; October occupancy off 24%
[V.6, No. 320 - Wed., Nov. 28, 2001]
Drenched isles mop up; Melveen Leed has heart attack; COLA payments promised; Pearl Harbor victim ID'd; Harris calls probe political; DOT preps speeder cams; Candidates oppose condemnation; Robber invades home; UH crime up slightly; City church service irks ACLU; Domestic arrivals uptick
[V.6, No. 321 - Thu., Nov. 29, 2001]
Suspicious letter closes Cayetano's office; UAL boosts isle routes; WTC hero fights isle fire; State to replenish beach sand; Gov's new powers used for insurance; Must tap hurricane fund, says gov; HPD purchases questioned; Sex-offender office worries schools; Woman hurt in Waikiki beating
[V.6, No. 322 - Fri., Nov. 30, 2001]
Harrison: kind and hospitable; The way he moved them; High court affirms parole board discretion; 2 men retrieve drifting boat; Music stores liquidating inventories; FBI looks into threatening letter; Exec is found guilty of tax evasion 2001

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