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Friday, May 12, 2000

Kaio tags Takanohana
with 1st loss

TOKYO, May 12 (Kyodo) - Komusubi Kaio saddled yokozuna Takanohana with his first loss of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament on Friday, leaving nine wrestlers at 5-1 tied for the lead six days into the 15-day tourney.

Kaio, who earlier upset two ozeki and ozeki hopeful Miyabiyama, shoved Takanohana into the ringside seats at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan for a share of the lead with his fifth win against a lone loss to yokozuna Akebono.

In the day's featured bout, Takanohana appeared to have the upper hand as he marched Kaio toward the edge of the ring with neither wrestler able to secure control of their opponent's sash.

Kaio responded, however, by turning away from the charge and forcing Takanohana off balance with pressure on the back of the grand champion's left arm.

When the yokozuna attempted to recover his balance, Kaio finished him off with a shove from the side that sent him toppling off the raised ring.

In other key bouts, Akebono rammed out No. 4 maegashira Tamakasuga (3-3) for a fifth win and ozeki Takanonami (5-1) backed out Kyokushuzan (1-5) after nearly getting thrown down by the tricky fourth-ranked maegashira from Mongolia.

Sekiwake Miyabiyama (5-1), meanwhile, weathered a barrage of slaps and thrusts from Takatoriki (2-4) and shoved the elusive komusubi over the edge to remain on track for ozeki consideration.

Ozeki Dejima (4-2) buried his shoulder deep into the chest of top maegashira Tochinonada (2-4) at the face-off and bulldozed him out of the ring for his third win in a row.

Sekiwake Tochiazuma was on the receiving end of a storm of thrusts and slaps from Chiyotaikai (4-2) until he was able to catch the ozeki's left arm in mid-thrust and hurl him across the ring for a fourth win.

Earlier, No. 9 maegashira Toki (5-1) was knocked from the ranks of the unbeaten when he cranked out of the ring by makuuchi newcomer Jumonji (4-2) and 11th-rnaked Hayateumi, also losing for a first time, was dumped onto his behind with a leg pick-up by former sekiwake Akinoshima (4-2).

Also, Mongolian No. 6 maegashira Kyokutenho ended a three-day losing streak by muscling out Kinkaiyama (2-4) to even his record at 3-3.

Results of main bouts

TOKYO, May 12 (Kyodo) - Results of makuuchi division bouts on Friday, the sixth day of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo (+ denotes juryo division wrestler):

Won Technique Lost
Terao 2-4 tsukitaoshi +Aminishiki 3-3
+Otsukasa 3-3 okuridashi Asanosho 0-6
Aogiyama 2-4 tsukiotoshi Higonoumi 2-4
Tochinohana 5-1 yorikiri Shikishima 3-3
Jumonji 4-2 oshidashi Toki 5-1
Takanowaka 3-3 yorikiri Kotonowaka 4-2
Akinoshima 4-2 komatasukui Hayateumi 5-1
Kyokutenho 3-3 yorikiri Kinkaiyama 2-4
Chiyotenzan 2-4 yoritaoshi Tokitsuumi 2-4
Kotoryu 5-1 shitatenage Oginishiki 2-4
Daizen 1-5 oshidashi Kaiho 1-5
Wakanoyama 1-5 hikiotoshi Hamanoshima 1-5
Tosanoumi 3-3 tsukidashi Asanowaka 1-5
Miyabiyama 5-1 yorikiri Takatoriki 2-4
Tochiazuma 4-2 hikiotoshi Chiyotaikai 4-2
Dejima 4-2 yorikiri Tochinonada 2-4
Takanonami 5-1 yorikiri Kyokushuzan 1-5
Akebono 5-1 tsukidashi Tamakasuga 3-3
Kaio 5-1 oshidashi Takanohana 5-1

Saturday's bouts

Aogiyama 2 - 6 Asanosho
Jumonji 0 - 0 Higonoumi
Kotonowaka 1 - 0 Kinkaiyama
Toki 1 - 0 Hayateumi
Terao 6 - 2 Tokitsuumi
Tochinohana 0 - 0 Akinoshima
Shikishima 12 - 5 Kotoryu
Kaiho 0 - 3 Chiyotenzan
Kyokutenho 1 - 4 Tamakasuga
Kyokushuzan 2 - 0 Takanowaka
Wakanoyama 0 - 0 Oginishiki
Asanowaka 3 - 7 Takatoriki
Tochinonada 2 - 7 Kaio
Tochiazuma 6 - 11 Takanonami
Chiyotaikai 2 - 1 Hamanoshima
Dejima 7 - 5 Tosanoumi
Daizen 0 - 8 Takanohana
Miyabiyama 2 - 2 Akebono

Takanohana loses,
slipping into a 9-way tie

TOKYO (AP) - Yokozuna (Grand champion) Takanohana suffered his first defeat against five victories Friday, the sixth day of the 15-day Summer Grand Sumo tournament.

Takanohana, seeking his 21st tournament victory, is tied at 5-1 with eight other wrestlers, including another yokozuna Akebono, ozeki (champion) Takanonami and sumo's rising star Miyabiyama.

The bouts on Friday left none of the senior-division wrestlers with a clean record.

Wrestling at the Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo arena in downtown Tokyo, Takanohana was thrown out by komusubi (junior champion second class) Kaio, also 5-1.

Kaio locked Takanohana's left shoulder while the grand champion struggled to grab Kaio's loin belt at the ringside before giving him the final throw.

Akebono, or Hawaiian-born Chad Rowan, bulldozed out No. 4 maegashira (senior wrestler) Tamakasuga (3-3), using his trademark hand thrusts.

Miyabiyama drove out komusubi Takatoriki after exchanging fierce face slaps. Takatoriki, winner of the March tournament in Osaka, slipped to 2-4.

Miyabiyama seeks promotion to sumo's second-highest rank of ozeki by winning at least 10 bouts.

Takanonami pushed out No. 4 maegashira Kyokushuzan (1-5), or Mongolian Batbayar Davaa, after almost being thrown out of the ring. With his loin cloth pulled by Kyokushuzan, Takanonami remained inside the ring as he managed to balance on one leg.

Another Mongolian Tsevegnyam Nyamjav, wrestling as No. 6 maegashira Kyokutenho, pushed out No. 10 maegashira Kinkaiyama (2-4) for his third victory against three defeats.

In the 26-member Juryo, just below the senior makuuchi division, No. 10-ranked Hoshitango (2-4), or Argentine Imach Marcelo Salomon, was pushed out by No. 11-ranked Toyozakura (4-2).

No. 2-ranked Sentoryu, or American Henry Armstrong Miller, threw down No. 8-ranked Tomonohana (3-3) to stay undefeated at 6-0.

In makushita, the top junior division, No. 9-ranked Hoshiandesu, or Argentine Jose Antonio Juarez, was winless at 3-0 after being driven out by No. 6-ranked Wakakinryu.

N. 9-ranked Asashoyu (2-1), or Mongolian Dolgorsvren Dagvadrj, was shoved out by No. 7-ranked Juzan.

No. 17-ranked Wakaazuma, or Brazilian Yoshinobu Kuroda, suffered his first defeat against two victories as he was thrown out by No. 14-ranked Otoryu. His fellow Brazilian Vander Ramos, or No. 22-ranked Kuniazuma, threw down No. 20-ranked Kotonomine and was undefeated at 3-0.

In sandanme, the second highest junior division, No. 93-ranked Daibanjaku (1-2), or Mongolian Batsukh Khaidavmunkh, pushed out No. 96-ranked Kaisho. No. 133-ranked Kitakasuga (3-2), or Tsolmonbayar Munkhbat, also from Mongolia, bulldozed out No. 132-ranked Ryukizan (2-3), or South Korean Kim Soo-young.

In the lowest division of jonokuchi, No. 13-ranked Ryuo (2-1), or Erkhem Ochirsanchirbold, slammed down No. 16-ranked Kudo. NO. 20-ranked Orora (2-1), or Russian Mikhakhanov Anatolivaleryevich, slapped down No. 19-ranked Toki.

Wrestlers in junior divisions have only seven bouts during the 15-day tournament.

Results of main sumo bouts

TOKYO (AP) - Results of main bouts Friday, the sixth day of the 15-day Summer Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena:

Winners Losers

Terao (2-4) Aminishiki (juryo) (3-3)
Otsukasa (juryo)(3-3) Asanosho (1-5)
Aogiyama (2-4) Higonoumi (2-4)
Tochinohana (5-1) Shikishima (3-3)
Jumonji (4-2) Toki (5-1)
Takanowaka (3-3) Kotonowaka (4-2)
Akinoshima (4-2) Hayateumi (5-1)
Kyokutenho (3-3) Kinkaiyama (2-4)
Chiyotenzan (2-4) Tokitsuumi (2-4)
Kotoryu(5-1) Oginishiki (2-4)
Daizen (1-5) Kaiho (2-4)
Wakanoyama (1-5) Hamanoshima(1-5)
Tosanoumi (3-3) Asanowaka(1-5)
Miyabiyama (5-1) Takatoriki (2-4)
Tochiazuma (4-2) Chiyotaikai(4-2)
Dejima (4-2) Tochinonada (2-4)
Takanonami (5-1) Kyokushuzan (1-5)
Akebono (5-1) Tamakasuga (3-3)
Kaio (5-1) Takanohana (5-1)

Juryo Division

Toyozakura (4-2) Hoshitango (2-4)
Takamio (6-0) Tomonohana (3-3)
Daishi (3-3) Sentoryu (1-5)

Junior Divisions:


Wakakinryu Hoshiandesu (0-3)
Juzan Asashoyu (2-1)
Otoryu Wakaazuma (1-2)
Kunizauma (3-0) Kotonomine


Daibanjaku (1-2) Kaisho
Kitakasuga (3-0) Ryukizan (2-1)


Ryuo (2-1) Kudo
Orora (2-1) Toki

(Junior division wrestlers have only seven bouts during the tournament. Records of foreign wrestlers' opponents were not available.)

Saturday's main bouts:

Aogiyama Asanosho
Jumonji Higonoumi
Kotonowaka Kinkaiyama
Toki Hayateumi
Terao Tokitsuumi
Tochinohana Akinoshima
Shikishima Kotoryu
Kaiho Chiyotenzan
Kyokutenho Tamakasuga
Kyokushuzan Takanowaka
Wakanoyama Oginishiki
Asanowaka Takatoriki
Tochinonada Kaio
Tochiazuma Takanonami
Chiyotaikai Hamanoshima
Dejima Tosanoumi
Daizen Takanohana
Miyabiyama Akebono

Results in Scoreboard

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