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POSTED: Friday, June 04, 2010

Djou, beware bucking Obama

I'm writing in response to Steve Baker's letter to the editor that insinuated that Charles Djou is part of a wave of Republican victories (”;Mazie Hirono could be next,”; Star-Bulletin, Letters, May 26). He described Congresswoman Hirono as a rubber-stamp politician. He fails to see a couple of things.

One is that Djou didn't get close to half the vote. Second, Hirono will better represent the people of Hawaii when she votes for health care reform, for Wall Street reform and for environmental regulation, which, if enforced during Republican rule, would have prevented the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

The people still support President Barack Obama and his agenda. This should be a caveat to Djou and not a repudiation of Hirono.

John Bickel

Ala Wai






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Gays deserve day to display pride

It's Pride Season. This means that all over the country, Hawaii included, you're going to see TV news video of young men and women at Pride celebrations acting up and acting out. Once again, my father will say to me, “;Why do they have to flaunt it? Why can't they just keep it to themselves?”;

Well, Dad, it's because they got beat up in fourth grade. It's because for the 364 other days of the year, these children of God are ridiculed, put down, beat up and sent the message over and over again: “;You are messed up.”;

But, Dad, they aren't messed up. They are good people, they are made in the image of God, they love their neighbor as much as anyone, their hopes and dreams are as beautiful as yours are, and so is their love.

That is why, for one day of the year in June, gay folks everywhere get to make up for all the hurt. They get to overreact, go over the top, and, yes, flaunt it, if they want. Remember, it's because they got beat up in fourth grade, and, frankly, it still hasn't stopped. I can understand that.


The Rev. Kate Lewis

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Kailua


Put solar farm somewhere else

A solar farm is a great way to generate renewable energy. But why take productive farmland to install one? Castle & Cooke plans to take 120 acres now growing bananas, papayas, squash and other food and install solar panels, which do not require fertile agricultural land. Solar panels can be put over rocks, any place. Food can be grown only on good agricultural land.

Hawaii imports 85-90 percent of its food. How will we sustain ourselves when shipping and/or air transportation are disrupted? We must stop the diversion of agricultural land to purposes other than growing food. Solar power is good but does not have to take land that can grow food. Solar power can be put on the 70 percent of Hawaii land that cannot grow food.

Proximity to transmission lines is cited as an advantage of this site. How much would longer lines to connect to those lines cost? What percentage of the total cost of the project?

Castle & Cooke should find another site for its solar farm, even as we thank C&C for planning to add to Hawaii's renewable energy.


Pearl Johnson

President, League of Women Voters of Hawaii


Public ceremony by HPD welcome

It is a great idea for the Honolulu Police Department to bring its award ceremony to the public at Tamarind Park. Officers who placed their life in danger to serve the public need to know that citizens appreciate their effort. More publicity or notice would have created a larger turnout.

Aloha and thank you to the officers who were recognized for their award-winning actions.


Leonard Leong