Relax with Halekulani's elaborate spa services


POSTED: Thursday, May 06, 2010

Life has become so stressful that the typical one-hour massage never seems to be enough to soothe body and soul.

That's why spas continue to introduce longer, ever more elaborate rituals to rid the body of toxins and tensions and clear the mind.

How much time do you have? These days, it's possible to spend half your day at the spa.

For Mother's Day, Halekulani is offering a luxury package called “;Spa & Tea for Two,”; available tomorrow through May 24.

The package features a deluxe manicure and pedicure with specialty beverage and spa gift, afternoon tea in the Veranda (resort attire requested), a complimentary Ocean View Day Room with use of hotel facilities and amenities, and even complimentary valet service.

The cost is $400, based on two guests and inclusive of tax and gratuity.

Call 931-5322 or 931-5323, or go online at to make an appointment, based on spa and Veranda availability.

BEYOND THIS occasion, SpaHalekulani regularly offers, for yourself or someone you love, its Pure Renewal service. The approximately 3 1/2 -hour detoxification experience—allow more time for refreshments and a meal between services—combines reinvigorating treatments and healthful cuisine to improve circulation and accelerate metabolism, in addition to providing much-sought relaxation.

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed with a cup of Pure Renewal Cinnamon Orange Detox Tea for sipping while experiencing the spa's signature foot-pounding ritual, which stimulates circulation in the feet. This is followed by a foot reflexology session to open the body's circulation channels before lying down to a full-body massage.

This is where a typical treatment ends, but at this point, you'll be only a third of the way through the session.

At this point, you'll be invited to rest on the lanai just outside the spa, with a refreshing Maui Pineapple, Mint and Ginger Smoothie to assist the detox process, before heading back to the treatment room for full-body skin brushing to exfoliate and return skin's vitality. The purification process continues with an Espresso Limon Body Wrap for moisturizing and firming.

But it's all superficial if you don't get proper nourishment, so a farm-fresh lunch is served while you relax on the open-air lanai. After the salad of Hirabara greens, avocado, orange, flaxseed and blueberries topped with pomegranate-olive oil dressing, you'll think twice about ruining the effects with junk food.

The most interesting treatment is saved for last, when toxins are literally washed away during a 30-minute Detox Therapy Foot Soak using ionization technology said to draw heavy metals and toxins out of the body. The resulting foot water is left a soupy orange to dark brown. Eww. There is controversy over whether the ion treatment really works or is the result of combining the low electric current with minerals in the water, but the soak is relaxing and sure to get you back on your feet and smiling as you head out for the rest of the day.

The cost of Pure Renewal is $611.62 including tax and gratuity. Call the number above for reservations.