GM recalls Hummer H3s


POSTED: Thursday, May 06, 2010

NEW YORK » General Motors said yesterday that it is recalling all Hummer H3s produced since the 2006 model year to fix a portion of the hood that can detach during driving.

The voluntary recall affects 164,190 Hummer H3s and H3Ts in the United States and 198,404 worldwide.

Hummer spokesman Nick Richards said a device on the hood called a hood louver can come loose and possibly detach during driving.

The louver is a panel on the hood that allows air to enter the engine compartment and prevent overheating. It actually helped to cool the engine on older Hummer models, but is decorative on the H3.

» General Motors Co. has hired the former head of marketing at Hyundai Motor America to lead its marketing efforts as it pushes to sell more Chevys, Cadillacs and trucks after its restructuring. Joel Ewanick, 49, will take over as vice president of U.S. marketing from Susan Docherty starting May 24. Docherty had run both sales and marketing at GM, but saw her duties shrink to just marketing in March as top GM executives expressed dissatisfaction with advertising and marketing efforts.






        The change in market share for vehicles bought in Hawaii through the first three months of 2010 versus the same period in 2009. The top three and bottom three changes, by percentage points:





Biggest increases
Entry car (inexpensive vehicle)+2.4
Midsize luxury SUV+2.2
Standard midsize car+1.3
Biggest decreases
Full-size pickup-2.6
Compact pickup-1.6
Compact SUV-1.4


        Source: Hawaii Auto Outlook