Meter maids will look for overdue parkers


POSTED: Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another all-male occupation may be falling into the co-ed category in Hono-lulu.

The new city budget calls for the hiring of six meter maids to hand out over-time parking tickets on downtown Honolulu streets and City parking lots.

Henry Tuck Au, City traffic director, Friday said his department's budget calls for six meter maids to be hired about July 1, if the budget gets City Council approval.

Additional male meter technicians will also be hired under a continuing program to relieve Honolulu policemen from parking meter duty.

Clesson Y. Chikasuye, chairman of the City Council Finance Committee, recently wrote Mayor Neal S. Blaisdell suggesting that meter maids be used here.

With his letter, he sent outlines of meter maid policies in other cities.

All other cities responding to Chikasuye's queries reported favorably on the operation.

Au said yesterday that there will have to be some revision in the current uniforms worn by city parking meter personnel.

At present, the men wear blue shirts with shoulder patches and tan pants.

He said full plans for hiring the women have not been outlined, but the matter is being studied.

In general he reports, he would like to have the six meter maids “;not too young, not too small—and able to ride a motorcycle or motor bike.”;

He added, “;That last qualification may let out some.”;