'Diversify Your Agriculture' Is Lowden's Advice: Points to Opportunities Here: Says the


POSTED: Sunday, March 28, 2010

“;The more diversified you make your agriculture, the more secure you make your future on this American frontier.”;

Frank O. Lowden, former governor of Illinois, in an informal but powerful talk to the Ad club at luncheon today, urged upon Hawaii the development of farming, dairying and stockraising, not only to supply island needs, but from the larger standpoint of military safety for the islands.

Owner of a famous stock farm at Oregon, Ill., and breeder of fine cattle, he paid high tribute to the excellence of herds he saw on the Parker and Hind ranches on the island of Hawaii.

He introduced himself as a “;farmer,”; but he spoke also as one who looks at state problems and considers the future of an American territory.

“;I go away, after a wonderful visit here, with the conviction that these islands have a future out of all proportion to their acreage,”; he said. “;The citizens of Hawaii are pioneers not only geographically but in industry and agriculture.

“;You have set the pace for the world in sugar and have created a new industry in canned pineapples that speaks eloquently of the ability that is here. ...

“;I would like to see more done with coffee. I and my family think that we've had better coffee here than anywhere else in the world. You owe it to yourselves to make your coffee known to the world. ...

“;I would like to see more done with dairying and less importation of dairy products. I know of no place in the United States where milk can be produced more cheaply than in Hawaii, or where livestock can better be raised.”;

... At the conclusion of his address he was given what amounted to an ovation by the Ad club members, who added cheers to their applause, and elected him an honorary member of the organization.