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POSTED: Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Congress finally shows courage

Wow — we see some courage being displayed by the U.S. House and Senate! Quality health care should not be the exclusive right of the rich. Humanity finally triumphs over the profits of the health insurance companies. The shameless money grab is equaled only by the greed on Wall Street. Let's continue to place people over profits for the already rich and wealthy of this country.

Any insurance plan benefits when the pool of participants is large in numbers. This is the best way to reduce premiums for all and provide equal health care for all.

Great move, Congress and our president. I'm so proud to be a union member and Democrat. Mahalo, Rep. Mazie Hirono, for your support and vote, and former Rep. Neil Abercrombie, who has always championed this issue.

Peter Oshiro






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Abercrombie has some gall

Neil Abercrombie chose to quit his job and cost the taxpayers over a million dollars for a special election. He abandoned legislative goals such as universal health care and the Akaka Bill, which he himself said were vital to see through before leaving. And yet, he has the gall to criticize Mayor Mufi Hannemann for both continuing to do his job and timing his resignation, so that his replacement election can be incorporated into a regularly scheduled primary.

So far, all Neil has to show for his early resignation and being “;all in”; is a faltering campaign.

Froebel Garcia



Where'd unused lunch funds go?

On Furlough Fridays, perhaps you will ask yourself who is feeding our children who qualify for free or reduced-price lunches. The “;free and reduced”; metric is a huge driver for additional, discretionary federal funds for qualifying Department of Education schools. What is the DOE doing with this money instead of feeding our children in need? Is the money being returned to the American taxpayers, or is it being used to fill the budgetary gaps created by questionable spending practices?

R. Scott Belford



Don't put shelter in Chinatown

I read with interest the article, “;Churches urge Hannemann to revive homeless project”; (Star-Bulletin, March 12). As a resident of Honolulu Tower in the Chinatown district, my family and I are directly impacted by this proposed housing for the chronically homeless and mentally ill. The district is finally coming into its own with First Fridays and Second Saturdays, as well as the new businesses opening down here, not to mention the restaurants and art galleries already there.

The bishop said: Nobody wants the homeless in their backyard. We don't either. That's why we want to provide them a home. If he really means this, why doesn't he advocate using the old Catholic Charities building on Vineyard Street, which is currently vacant, instead of coming to our backyard? Our area already has The River of Life, Safe Haven and the Institute for Human Services in Iwilei. Why not spread the wealth around? There is no doubt this is a very noble project, but why is everything here in Chinatown?

I wonder, too, how many of those 3,000 names on the petition handed to the mayor were people who live in the area. Concerned citizens of Chinatown have handed in two petitions, each with over 3,000 signatures protesting this establishment on River Street.

I sincerely hope the mayor decides to put this project on hold and looks for another area to install this institution.

Mary T. Dixon