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POSTED: Monday, March 15, 2010

House Bill 444 deserves a vote

The reports and photographs of gay couples in D.C. getting married made me want to cheer. How wonderful for them—and how sad for us here in Hawaii that our legislators have not even voted on a civil unions bill that most reasonable people support. This is not a marriage bill despite how some have chosen to characterize it.

There is still time to do the right thing and vote on House Bill 444. It's a matter of principle—both of our democracy and of the concept of equal justice for all.

We, all of us, here in Hawaii have a right to expect our legislators to do the job they were elected to do. If our elected officials believe in accountability and justice, they still have time to demonstrate it before the session ends by voting on HB 444.

We won't be able to do what the D.C. couples did, but we will at least be equal under the law. Isn't that what everyone wants and deserves?

Tambry Young

Co-chair, Equality Hawaii






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Mayor must see rail plan through

On March 9, Mayor Mufi Hannemann made a comment to KITV after he was questioned regarding a gubernatorial bid: “;I still don't feel that the time is right and appropriate to put my personal agenda ahead of the business of the people.”;

If you are elected to public office by the people, the business of the people should always come before your personal agenda. I would like to know how there can be a right time for Mayor Hannemann to put his personal agenda ahead of the $5 billion-plus rail project he championed, which is the most significant and expensive project in the history of Hawaii.

Honolulu's rail transit project is in the hands of whoever is mayor. Mufi Hannemann should stay committed to it, ensure its success, and help ease Honolulu's traffic problems while also stimulating the local economy.

If he follows this honorable course, I have no doubt that his future political ambitions will be achieved and the business of the people will have come first.

Adam Vokac



Lovely Honolulu has its downside

Love Honolulu; visit every year. But:

» Fund the schools. Kids come first. Cut other spending, not school days.

» Get the bums out of Ala Moana Park. It's for all of us, not a campsite for druggies and drunks.

» Hawaiians are Americans, not some lost tribe. Stop playing the “;victim card”; or the “;race card.”;

Truly love Hawaii and will return yearly, but these issues have to be dealt with.

Kitty Hogan

Portland, Ore.


Reviewer wrong about 'Hair'

With all of the available spots in our town, it is surprising that reviewer John Berger's appetite for nudity is so unsatisfied that he must demand it in an intimate theater setting where it would ultimately contaminate the texture of the presentation (”;Bland production of 'Hair' lacks edge and daring,”; Star-Bulletin, March 9).

When “;Hair”; was first produced, it contained no nudity. This did not appear until long afterward in order to buttress lagging tickets sales. When Diamond Head Theatre presented “;Hair”; 19 years ago, the nudity was masked by lighting effects and curtains.

If you want to be part of great theater, go see this show, true to the revival currently gathering awards as it runs on Broadway.

Dick Morris