Bill would let counties pass fireworks bans


POSTED: Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Counties would have the authority to impose fireworks bans under a proposal adopted by the state House yesterday.

; The provisions were included in an amendment to Senate Bill 1059.

House members voted unanimously in favor of the new version of the bill without debating the measure. A final vote on the measure is expected later this week.

Senate Bill 1059 also would establish an illegal-fireworks task force to develop a plan to stop the importation of illegal fireworks and explosives. A report would be due back to the Legislature by Jan. 10.

If the measure passes, state law would revert back to the way it was before 1994, when lawmakers approved a comprehensive fireworks law to bring uniformity across the state.

Some House members have called for stricter measures to stop the proliferation of illegal fireworks.

A statewide ban on fireworks that would have allowed counties to opt out failed to advance in the Senate.

State Rep. Barbara Marumoto is among those who have called for a total ban on fireworks.

“;New Year's Eve and the Fourth of July have become detrimental to our health and to our environment,”; Marumoto (R, Kalani Valley-Diamond Head) said in a news release.