New Year challenges


POSTED: Monday, February 08, 2010

The Year of the Golden Tiger will be celebrated this year in conjunction with Valentine's Day, an occurrence that happened only a few times during the past century. But don't let the added romanticism fool you. For those who believe in the lunar calendar and seek out omens to guide them through uncertain times, the tiger year is destined to be challenging, with competitive pressures, arguments, natural disasters and pollution, according to feng shui consultant Peter Lung.

“;There is too much wood energy and not enough water,”; said the international feng shui expert. “;People can remedy this by placing a water feature at home or work.”;

Because of the lack of water energy this year, Lung cautions people to be conservative as to the number of plants they bring into the home or office. “;They will bring lots of competition and dry you out.”;

It's also not a good time to change jobs or engage in office politics and gossip.

On a brighter note, opportunities can be found. And he said money woes should subside.

“;Money will not be easy, though. It may be hiding and you need to work hard,”; Lung explained. “;The stock market will be good through September (especially the local and mainland markets), and then it will be time to let things go.”; Think long-term, he added. “;Do not put money in high-risk investments.”;

Industries that can expect to thrive this year include banking, shipping, fishing, transportation, entertainment, alcohol, restaurants and lighting. And no one really needs a seer to realize the industries continuing to struggle include real estate, hotels and construction.

With all of the challenges many are facing, it will be important to pay attention to health. Many of the animal signs will face health concerns in 2010 as a result of stress and increased pollution. Eating healthy and exercising regularly is particularly important this year.

And for added measure, wear some lucky colors. For 2010, those hues are black and blue.

LUNG OFFERS some general tendencies awaiting those born under the respective signs of the Chinese zodiac as we enter the lunar new year on Feb. 14:

Rat: Relationship luck improves, providing excellent prospects in love and marriage. Married people should be wary of sex scandals, though. Luck is strong in the area of education, but 2010 will be a mixed year for wealth and career advancements. Be watchful of health.

Ox: Career luck is good this year, with possible promotions or opportunities at work. Businesses could be expanded. Health concerns may be an issue. Be patient and control your temper.

Tiger: May experience a difficult year with intense politics and pressure in the workplace. Your financials may be a concern. Stay optimistic. This year also brings ill health, so take extra steps to stay healthy.

Rabbit: Very good year for financial luck. Generally, it should be a smooth and productive year.

Dragon: Financial issues may make it a difficult year, but hard work and determination can help with setbacks. Avoid gossiping. You could find yourself having to cope with predicaments caused by troublesome people. Health should be good, but you may experience some stress and tension.

Snake: Expect success and an abundance of opportunities, with more socializing and mingling, but avoid staying out too late. Your health is good this year.

Horse: You may have a good year, but quarrels and stress could create obstacles. Don't make hasty decisions. Your luck is strong in the area of love, but be careful to avoid arguments.

Sheep: You may have a difficult year full of obstacles and troubles. It's a good year to remain low-key and patient. Work hard and expect a little success with some setbacks. Take care of health, eat healthy and exercise.

Monkey: Misfortune causes loss, difficulties and obstacles. You may have legal conflicts, money troubles and relationship woes. Pay attention to your health and exercise more.

Rooster: Expect a good year filled with achievements, an increase in wealth and exceptional success. Love life looks promising.

Dog: You will have good opportunities for establishing long-term projects, although any romantic relationship may be unstable. Exercise more and eat healthy to maintain good health. Avoid making too many major decisions this year.

Boar: 2010 brings success and luck in your career and in your personal life, although you may experience a lack of physical and mental vitality. Remain low-key and be careful whom you trust. Look into gains from short-term investments.