Expect an explosive 2010 as cycle nears end


POSTED: Monday, February 08, 2010
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Alice Inoue puts a positive spin on the astrological outlook for 2010.

In a series of workshops coinciding with the beginning of the year, she said positive thinking and realistic expectations are two things that people need to accept in order to cope with the coming year, or any year, for that matter, according to the astrologist.

“;It is our interpretation and perspective that determine our experience,”; Inoue said. “;If you perceived 2009 as challenging, then you probably haven't recognized the lessons in the challenges you faced.

“;Take responsibility for yourself as never before; 2010 is a year to rise up within yourself and recognize that everything you experience is there to serve you,”; Inoue said.





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It won't be easy. Unprecedented changes in the economy and international relations have caused people to feel unmoored, removed from their comfort zones and forced to make decisions on letting go of things that no longer serve them. These include bad attitudes, passionless jobs or relationships, grudges and outdated belief systems, she said.

“;Keep moving forward one step at a time. Many of us dislike unpredictability, but we always benefit from it in some way,”; Inoue explained.

Striving to find balance could be difficult this year. The “;push me, pull me”; energy she says is caused by opposing planets of Saturn and Uranus gives individuals the feeling of being “;stuck between a rock and a hard place.”;

Many will struggle with opposing desires on continuing on their path or throwing it all away to start from scratch. Her advice: “;Use the tension you feel to focus on renegotiating agreements and introducing new compromises.”;

Pent-up emotions will lead to outbursts and shorter tempers. Overall, this year “;looks to be the most progressive and explosive year to surface in a long time, filled with massive political, financial, military and societal upheaval and renewal,”; according to Inoue. “;2010 is not just another year, but a dynamic springboard to 2012, a year marking the culmination of many grand cycles and ushering us into a new era.”;

The movie “;2012”; and thousands of books emphasize prophecies of the impending apocalypse and ancient Mayan doomsday, but Inoue dismisses such claims.

Although she does not believe that 2012 marks the end of the world, she does believe that it “;marks the transition into a new consciousness and a new way of life,”; she said. “;Everything points towards change,”; and people need “;to be open and ready for change.”;






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