Amemiya a good fit to lead UH's Board of Regents


POSTED: Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today, Keith Amemiya undergoes approval for his new job as executive director of the University of Hawaii's Board of Regents.

The only hang-up on this one will be if someone misplaced the rubber stamp. Is there anyone who doubts that Amemiya will succeed in making the BOR more functional and streamlined, and hence, effective? There might be a little bit of questioning brought on by a Republican or two today, but I would doubt even that. After nearly everything he touched in high school sports turned to gold for 11 years (especially the recent Save Our Schools fundraising efforts), it's doubtful anyone wants to mess with him at all.

It does bring us back to the subject of finding his replacement as executive director of the Hawaii High School Athletic Association. We're told preliminary interviews are going on this week.

I'm disappointed by who is not on the list of candidates; apparently Blane Gaison considered it, but decided to remain with the Kamehameha athletic department for the time being.

Also, too bad Dana Takahara-Dias recently took the post of women's basketball coach at UH. She would've been a great candidate.

» I always hesitate in suggesting that an athlete retire. But after Brian Viloria's attempted defense of his IBF world boxing championship, I think it may be time for the flyweight from Waipahu to hang 'em up.

He's only 29 and still relatively young for a boxer, so it's conceivable he could come back again for another shot at the world title. And if he were a dullard with nothing else going for him, I might endorse that course of action.

But Viloria is one of the brightest young people I know. He's got a great future ahead of him in sportscasting and/or politics, or whatever else he might want to try, perhaps training if he wants to remain close to the boxing game.

It was reported that Viloria may have suffered a concussion in the loss the other night. The more of those he gets, the less likelihood of a successful post-boxing career.

» Hey, the NCAA is finally starting to get it about Hawaii and volleyball.

Good. UH will host a regional in 2011, and I'm betting the Wahine will have a team worthy of it, and more, with All-American Kanani Danielson a senior.

The question remains, however. Why no final four here? UH needs to host another one before coach Dave Shoji retires.

» Greg McMackin thought he was done recruiting against Big 12 schools when he left Texas Tech. Why, you ask, would a young man from Kamehameha, Beau Yap, commit to Baylor?

Maybe partly because his dad, Boyd Yap, trusts Bears coaches like Brian Norwood, Dino Babers and Kim McCloud. Baylor defensive coordinator Norwood, like Boyd Yap, was a Hawaii high school star (Norwood at Radford, Yap at Kaiser). Norwood, Babers and McCloud all played at UH around the same time as the elder Yap.

And the next time the Warriors coaching job opens up, remember these names.

» Is Roger Goodell that shrewd that he set the Pro Bowl up for failure by holding it as the JV game to the Super Bowl so he can kill it off, or was this just a mistake by the NFL commissioner?

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