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POSTED: Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lingle cares not for kids' welfare

Well, it's about time the Department of Education and the unions got it. You need to leave our governor and her administration out of negotiations. She has not demonstrated that she is the least bit interested in the well-being of our children and has done nothing but delay a solution that would be in the best interest of our children and families.

This governor only cares about one thing: to make this mess look like everybody else is to blame so she can save her political future.

James Lutte


Cockfighting is problem here

In response to the editorial about Hawaii ranking as one of the worst states in the nation on animal cruelty (”;More to be done on animal abuse,”; Star-Bulletin, Dec. 23), the Hawaiian Humane Society agrees that more needs to be done to protect animals.

Hawaii's low standing in this national ranking is largely due to our poor legislative response in making cockfighting a felony in Hawaii.

This past year, the Hawaiian Humane Society, the Kauai Humane Society, the Maui Humane Society and the Hawaii Island Humane Society all fought for a statewide prohibition on the possession of gaffs—cockfighting knives. Despite having Senate support, the bill died in the House.

Lawmakers need to hear from voters that we need stronger laws to protect Hawaii's animals. We hope that more will join our voice for the animals in 2010.

Pamela Burns

Hawaiian Humane Society president & CEO

Health care bill is disappointing

You need to listen, support and act on what the people want and stop kowtowing to the HMOs and pharmaceutical companies.

Right now this whole health care “;reform”; is such a disappointment; it's a sham.

Susan Tunney






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