Kauai could stake claim as No. 1 team after tonight


POSTED: Friday, December 04, 2009

What do the Kauai Red Raiders have in common with the Hawaii Warriors of two seasons ago?

More than you might think. Headed into tonight's state high school football finals, Kauai is unbeaten. So was UH when it played in the Sugar Bowl.

Remember the talk that if UH beat Georgia there'd be an argument for No. 1, because the Warriors were the only unbeaten team? Seems foolish to even bring it up considering what happened—but, if Kauai upsets 'Iolani tonight in the Division II game and Kamehameha knocks off unbeaten Kahuku, the KIF champs would be the only undefeated team left in the state. And they could logically argue a claim for the final No. 1 ranking since 'Iolani beat Kamehameha this season.

Laugh all you want. If this unlikely but possible situation comes about, I might vote for the only team that beat everyone it played.

» If a poll were taken on UH's best opposing fans, Wisconsin's might win. You never hear about disturbances in the stands when the Badgers come to town.

And they come in big numbers and aren't afraid to stimulate the local economy.

» To those who never met him, yet say they're “;disappointed”; in Tiger Woods: Did you think this guy was perfect? Just because someone is a great athlete and speaks well doesn't mean he's a quality person.

Something like this makes me grateful as I reflect on the positive character of so many good people in my life. I don't care about the flaws of a celebrity with a carefully crafted image—except that now some folks might not be so gullible.

» Brashton Satele, Greg Alexander, Laupepa Letuli, Rodney Bradley, Bill Amis. Now Shawna Kuehu. Can anyone remember more serious, lengthy injuries to more prominent UH athletes in a four-month span?

» I hope Hawaii's first-round NCAA volleyball match tonight doesn't generate another round of whining about being sent on the road and given a No. 12 seed. Yeah, it's a raw deal, and the team and fans deserved two more home matches.

But the goal of the No. 3-ranked Wahine is to win the whole tournament. In order to do that you must beat anyone they put in front of you six times, so what's the sense in moaning about early-round matchups?

When you're an elite program, you use such a slight for fuel, then forget it and focus—I guarantee coach Dave Shoji and his team have done that.

» Grapevine I: The Chicago Bears are hot for Blaze Soares.

» Hawaii has a pro sports franchise again ... at least for a little while. Organizers promise that this version of the Honolulu Pegasus ABA basketball team has enough financial backing for at least two seasons.

Their first game is tomorrow at Manoa Valley Gym at 1 p.m. against the Seattle Swarm. They meet again, Sunday at 2 p.m. Familiar names on the Pegasus roster include Kawika Smith, Jason Carter and Geremy Robinson.

Admission for these two games is free.

» Grapevine II: The ILH is looking at future football schedules where all teams play each other just once. Makes sense with more teams in the league now and the success of the OIA crossover games.

» UH should offer Cameron Mercado a scholarship. He says he wants to play for Hawaii, and the Warriors wouldn't have to worry about a kicker for the next four years. Don't lose this guy to USC.

» Hot holiday gift for the sports collector who thinks he has everything: Ron Artest game-used snifter.

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