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POSTED: Monday, November 30, 2009


You need a TV guide to keep up with the changes

Anchors away.

A veritable maelstrom of activity has whipped up Hawaii's TV news world, and it's been dizzying trying to keep up. The biggest sea change, of course, was the “;shared services agreement”; that basically combined KGMB and KHNL. The “;on-air talent”; came and went, some axed for budgetary reasons, with others reappearing in a simulcast situation that is drawing closer scrutiny.

Just when it seemed the dust was settling, off went longtime KGMB reporter/anchor Stacy Loe, leaving on her own accord. Then came word that KITV fixtures Gary Sprinkle and Pamela “;Mixed Plate”; Young (at left) would be giving up their Monday-Friday gigs at year's end: he to leave for his own video venture; she to scale back as a weekend anchor.

Even the most avid viewers are having trouble following it all.

Only Joe Moore, it seems, continues to be the calm amid the industry storm. Stay tuned.



Christmas tree business trying to adapt

Trimming the tree takes on new meaning this holiday season.

For some tree retailers, fears of having an unsold surplus have caused them to curtail orders from tree growers. Others, figuring consumers would still buy a tree, have brought in more affordable, smaller ones. For many consumers, still belt-tightening in a down economy, trimming the budget will mean saving some dollars by shaving a foot or so from that holiday tree.

It's enough to have everyone pining for the good old days.