Go! Mokulele spreads its wings


POSTED: Friday, October 16, 2009

There were some delays, as well as confusion, at Honolulu Airport yesterday as about 1,000 passengers scheduled to fly on Mokulele Airlines' out-of-service 70-seat jets were rebooked on the 50-seat CRJ 200s operated by the new joint venture between go! and Mokulele airlines.

;[Preview]    First Day Of Operations For Mokulele and Go!

The joint venture between Go! and Mokulele Airlines has begun.

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Newly named go! Mokulele added five round-trip flights — totaling 500 seats — to its normal schedule, but due to the mere 36-hour window to disseminate the joint-venture news to passengers, some Mokulele travelers — as well as taxi drivers — still went to the interisland terminal rather than the commuter terminal, which is where all go! Mokulele flights arrive and depart.

Go! Vice President Paul Skellon said some Mokulele passengers in transit, or on vacation without computer access, had not heard of the change. He said “;there were a few”; Mokulele passengers who could not be accommodated yesterday at the time they expected to depart, but they were placed on the next available flight.

For a “;small minority of people,”; the wait was two hours, he said.