2 state agencies provide tips on leasing farmland


POSTED: Friday, October 02, 2009
This story has been corrected.  See below.

Question: My brother-in-law is interested in going into farming. Where can we get a listing of agriculture land to lease in Honolulu that's current?

Answer: There are two state agencies you can contact about leasing farmland.

The Department of Agriculture's Web site,, lists a number of lots currently available.

The intent of the Agricultural Park Program is to make “;land available to small farmers at reasonable cost with long-term tenure.”;

It offers lots in 10 locations: four on Oahu, four on the Big Island, and one each on Kauai and Molokai.

On Oahu, only two lots currently are available, both in the Waianae Ag Park, which has 150 acres subdivided into 17 lots. No lots are available at the other Oahu parks: Waianae (126 acres/14 lots), Kahuku (686 acres/25 lots) or Kalaeloa (10 acres/two lots).

“;If someone is interested, they should fill out an 'Expression of Interest' form and when a lot opens in the ag park that they are interested in, they will be contacted,”; said Agriculture Department spokeswoman Janelle Saneishi.

Call 973-9473 for more information.

Meanwhile, “;qualified individuals and organizations”; can lease agricultural and other state lands through public auctions held by the Department of Land and Natural Resources' Land Division.

However, the Land Division does not maintain a list of available agricultural lands.

(Note: DLNR's agricultural leases on Oahu are in the process of being transferred to the state Department of Agriculture.)

When DLNR does have land available for auction, a notice is placed in the newspaper and posted on its Web site,, said spokeswoman Deborah Ward. “;We immediately notify those parties on our public auction mailing list.”;

Contact the Land Division to place your name on that mailing list.

Go to to fill out a request online or call 587-0433 for information. Potential bidders have to meet criteria relevant to the type of lease being offered.

You can also get helpful information about how to get into farming on the University of Hawaii's College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources' “;Sustainable Agriculture in Hawaii”; Web site. For answers to frequently answered questions, go to

Question: What is the law regarding riding skateboards on sidewalks? These two big kids, 18 or 19 years old, 6 feet tall, came whizzing around a corner when I was walking, coming from the opposite direction one day. It just doesn't seem like there's enough room on the sidewalk for both people and skateboards.

Answer: There is no prohibition against skateboarding on sidewalks on Oahu, except in Waikiki.

Section 15-4.6 of the Revised Ordinances of Honolulu prohibits someone on a skateboard, roller skates “;or riding in or by means of any toy vehicle or similar device”; on any roadway, except to cross a street.

It goes on to say that no one shall ride a skateboard or roller skates on any sidewalk or any roadway in Waikiki. Violators face a $25 fine.









This article originally stated that “;no one shall ride a bicycle, skateboard or roller skates on any sidewalk or any roadway in Waikiki.”;  Bicycles are allowed on roadways in Waikiki.