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POSTED: Sunday, September 20, 2009

Citizens will pay health care costs

The $856 billion health care reform proposal contains poisons to the pockets of the people, particularly the elderly.

There are two things poisonous to the people: the annual fee of $6 billion on insurance companies and $2.3 billion on pharmaceutical companies.

All these fees will be passed on to the people. Annual medical insurance fees will shoot up as insurance companies pass the cost on to members. Pharmaceutical companies will pass the annual fees on to the consumers by increasing the price of medicine.

The increase in taxes of those earning $350,000 or more will cause small businesses to lay off employees.

Why do Democrats not recognize this? What they would be actually doing is imposing fees on the people's insurance premiums and on their medicine.

Ruben Reyes


Willing to vote Dem for a higher cause

Recently, the community organizer group ACORN was caught on video offering advice to someone posing as a pimp, telling the alleged pimp how to evade taxes while setting up a child prostitution ring. Currently, ACORN is receiving funding from our tax dollars. When this tape came to light, plus tapes from three other ACORN offices doing similarly sleazy things, the U.S. House swiftly voted to defund ACORN. You might think this would have been a unanimous vote—you might think no politician in their right mind would continue to support such a corrupt organization. If so, you would be wrong: Both of our U.S. House delegates failed to vote for this defunding. Neil Abercrombie ducked the vote, and Mazie Hirono actually voted against defunding ACORN.

It's time to take these two political “;leaders”; out. I'm a Libertarian, but I'm willing to make an exception and pull a Democratic primary ballot in order to vote for any Democratic challenger to the person who allegedly represents me in Congress (Hirono). Can someone please step up to the plate?

Jim Henshaw


Thanks for article highlighting sailors

Your article ”;Camaraderie at work”; (Star-Bulletin, Sept. 16) highlighted two sailors from Hawaii working aboard the USS Ronald Reagan. Thanks so much for highlighting them and showing an interest in those who work so hard to serve our country.

My neighbor's daughter, Navy Lt. Erin Virdone, an 'Iolani School graduate, also serves her country aboard the USS Ronald Reagan as a nuclear propulsion specialist. In addition to being qualified to operate the nuclear plants aboard the ship, which is a monumental accomplishment in and of itself, it is my understanding she is a fully qualified Officer of the Deck, as she was on previous ships she has so well served.

Her family, friends and neighbors are looking forward to welcoming her home when the USS Ronald Reagan comes into Pearl Harbor later this year.

Bill Lech, USN (Ret.)


Subject bicyclists to more regulation

While the City & County is preparing a new master plan for bicycling, it should allocate some regulations and consideration for protection of seniors and ordinary citizens on its sidewalks.

Seniors and citizens are subjected to being subservient to bicyclists by stopping to let cyclists pass, moving out of the way, stepping on grass areas and even off the sidewalk curb. Seniors are startled, frightened—and accident-prone with our aged limbs and body, as a wrong turn can be taken as bicycles whiz by without any warning.

This 75-year-old senior and

47-year resident is seeking respect and courtesy for himself and other seniors from bicyclists on city sidewalks.

The city has been too lenient and liberal with bicyclists. The city should mandate bell ringers on bicycles, with lights on front and back for nighttime; plus regulations granting walkers the right of way, similar as autos grant to pedestrians at crosswalks.

Please implement regulations to protect everyone. Ditto: Skateboarders.

Michael Augusta





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