Sept. 13, 1933


POSTED: Sunday, September 13, 2009

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Auditorium rassling show attracts record crowd of 5,043 fans

Messrs. Manuel Calhau and Edward Ratsch, not forgetting, of course, “;Ma”; Ratsch, are chuckling today.

They are not chuckling because of the record house of 5,043 last evening at the Civic Auditorium so much, but chuckling because, in their estimation, they have found the kind of entertainment Honolulu folks like.

Briefly, they made the discovery that the people here go in for rassling, with all the comedy, fisticuffs, mauling, tugging and milling in a strong way.

Expected to furnish the folks with a lot of fuel for conversation for at least a week, last night's show fell short of its mark. The events were tame as compared with last Tuesday's affair between Sammy Kohen and Bill Wiedner. However, the evening was not entirely wasted as some of the boys actually did some wrestling, about 10 per cent, we would say.

In the final act of the evening, Tetsura (Rubberman) Higami, Japanese grappler, bounced up and down, in and out of the ring and took so much punishment that Kohen got disgusted with the affair, going into a strangle armlock to end the thing, with the aid of Referee Joe Tribble.

The ending was not altogether satisfactory for a majority of the fans, hypnotized by the “;bout,”; claimed that Kohen was not actually subdued. And Kohen acted his part by coming off the mat after the decision and protesting “;No justice.”; This is probably what the promoters want exactly.

Two draws graced the card. In the curtain raiser, Sailor Schwamp and Ernie Andrade did some real wrestling so that neither was able to get a fall. Andrade, however, had Schwamp retreating to the outside of the ring continually.