TV managers trade posts


POSTED: Friday, August 21, 2009

The sweeping changes coming to KGMB-TV, KHNL-TV and KFVE-TV will have the men at the top swapping employers, stirring up a buzz in local media management circles.

When the agreement takes effect in mid-October, Rick Blangiardi will be employed by Raycom Media Inc. as vice president and general manager of KGMB and KHNL and John Fink will work for MCG Capital Corp. as vice president and general manager of KFVE.

“;John's background and history with the University of Hawaii and the significance of that programming to KFVE, and his activism in the community was a very large part of that decision,”; said Paul McTear, Raycom president and chief executive officer.

Blangiardi could not be reached, but he also has history with UH sports as a football player for the then-Rainbows; as a coach under Larry Price; and, later, for bringing UH sports to television. “;That was probably one of his greatest accomplishments,”; said sportscaster Jim Leahey.

“;I have Rick handling KGMB and KHNL,”; McTear said. “;Everybody has painfully pointed out that KGMB has been tracking very, very positively and KHNL has not.”;

Fink looks forward to working with Blangiardi again.

“;Rick hired me at KGMB in 1982,”; Fink said. Blangiardi left for KHNL in 1984 “;and he came after me twice”; until Fink joined the station in 1986.

Fink marked his 23rd anniversary at KHNL on Tuesday, when the stations' shared services agreement was announced. “;I don't think this would have worked if Rick and I weren't trusted friends.”;