Wireless tool hones math skills


POSTED: Monday, May 11, 2009

Mark Simms' Algebra II classroom is unlike any other math room on campus. Instead of the traditional whiteboard, he utilizes advanced technology to teach his students.

Simms recently incorporated into his curriculum the Senteo, a remote device with a wireless interactive response system that inputs students' data directly into a computer. The Senteo provides a different method to assess and keep track of students' progress.

Students are assigned their own Senteo and can log onto them with their computer ID number. When a test is started, the receiver picks up students' responses and calculates the answers. The program keeps track of work time and answered and unanswered questions while the students are taking the test.

When students complete their quizzes, they receive immediate feedback on the Senteo instead of waiting to get their tests back. Once the test is complete, Simms reviews the test, breaking down the results problem by problem.

“;It's more convenient and exciting. I can see the problems I got wrong, and it's easier to see how I can fix them,”; said junior Abby Tamayo.