Brief asides


POSTED: Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Let's go surfing now

Move over windsurfers and parasailers, surfing in Kailua has taken on a new meaning.

Honolulu's Free Municipal WiFi project now includes Kailua Town, which joins Chinatown as a zone where computer users can access the Net free via the system. Kaneohe Ranch bought and installed the antennae, provided Internet gateways and coordinated efforts with Kokua Wireless.

“;We want to make Internet access available to as many people and at as many places as possible,”; Mayor Mufi Hannemann said in announcing the service.

The proverbial “;win-win”; public-private partnership, and the city wants to expand the service in other zones.

Surf's up! Just don't be doing it while driving.


Notorious wardrobe malfunction resurfaces

After last week's Supreme Court decision that upholds FCC fines against even one-time uses of profanity on television, it looks like Janet Jackson's fleeting 2004 wardrobe malfunction may get a second look.

CBS had avoided a fine in the case, but it may be headed back to appeals court.

All this brouhaha has made Ms. Jackson's breast more notorious than had the whole works just been left alone in the first place.