POSTED: Sunday, March 22, 2009

Susie Lin has been taking pictures for about seven years, beginning while working for her high school newspaper in Malaysia. Lin moved to Hawaii four years ago to attend Hawaii Pacific University.

Photography for Lin is about the personal relationships she can explore with her subjects.

“;I like being able to look back at photos and remembering exactly what was happening. They're memories for me,”; she says.

Among her favorite subjects are people and things in her life. “;I am constantly surrounded by beautiful people; photographing them just seems like the natural thing to do,”; she says.

While many photographers find themselves enamored with the newfangled and high tech, Lin prefers an older approach to picture making. While she still brandishes a digital SLR, she also has an arsenal of film cameras, and has taken to toy cameras as well.

“;Right now I'm using two different toy cameras. There's a Holga and a Lomo LC-A. I also just got an old 6-by-9 camera, so I've been playing with that lately, too.”;

She finds herself having come full circle with the medium. She started using film, and has returned to it after a period of shooting only digital.

While digital yields instant results, film involves a bit of the mystery of the unknown, which Lin enjoys. “;I like the mystery of waiting to see what comes out of a roll of film. I'm a strong advocate for film,”; she says.

“;But don't get me wrong, I still have the want to do digital. Getting photos instantly from a digital camera is still intriguing.”;

And that LCD screen on the back of a digital camera?

“;I'm gonna put duct tape on my DSLR to get people to stop asking me to look at the photos,”; she says with a laugh.

More of Lin's work can be seen on her Web site,