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POSTED: Sunday, February 08, 2009

Online readers are able to respond immediately to Star-Bulletin stories through our Web forum, which can be accessed at the end of stories, editorials and columns at Below is a selection of forum comments that appeared last week. Most forum contributors use pseudonyms; their “;names”; have been omitted here.

”;Vexing texting/The irrational need by some moviegoers to keep clicking out messages to friends is rude behavior, Star-Bulletin Feb. 1: If someone is going to the movies, why do they need to be on their cells? If they're that addicted to using them, stay away from theaters and such places. People sure can be thoughtless and inconsiderate.

Texting and cell phone use during shows is just rude. It is a public place, but that doesn't mean that you can do what you want all the time.

Some of us enjoy the big-screen movie experience. But we prefer not to being blinded by hand-held text message screens addictively flashing in a darkened theater. With the price of movie tickets at ridiculous levels, this seems fair enough. Text messagers and cell phone users have degraded the quality of movie going. ... Unfortunately, management long ago surrendered to rude texters and cell phone users.

omg! lol! idk ... bff. gtg bbl lol!

”;Sun sets on Brew Moon,”; Star-Bulletin, Feb. 4: Ward Centers haven't been doing well. Several tenants have failed and closed down, including Compadres, Ben & Jerry's and now Brew Moon.

Businesses closing, people being laid off, tax revenues down and yet we still have 25,000 HGEA (Hawaii Government Employees Association) employees sucking the pit dry, with daily TV spots showing them in mundane places. Who's steering this ship?

The HGEA TV spots pretend to be telling the general public about the role they plan in our society but in truth they are being run to remind the Legislature that they are there and watching. They usually ramp these up about a month before the Legislature meets and will run until the Legislature adjourns. They also show up during the campaign season, just to keep legislators in line.

What I don't appreciate is the manner in which these businesses shut down - abruptly and without notice, even to their employees. It's just plain unprofessional and inexcusable.

Sad to see it go, their staff, prices and food were among the best, especially during happy hour.

”;We need to stop assaulting family, friends with fireworks,”; Star-Bulletin guest column, Feb. 4: It would be nice if those who like to breathe could do so once again on July 4th and New Year's. The present fireworks policy is selfish and inconsiderate. Ban all fireworks for public purchase and use in Hawaii, please.

Get off your soapbox. Fireworks are legal, citizens can legally use them twice per year. The overwhelming majority of the citizens in Hawaii support the present laws.

No ban, thanks. Born and raised Hawaiian and I know no one that wants fireworks banned. Who and where are these people who want to ban fireworks? I have yet to meet one.

Are all of you fireworks proponents having such a successful prosperous year every year that it merits setting off explosives? Probably not. Year in and year out I see the same people setting off fireworks - losers. Ban it already.