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POSTED: Thursday, February 05, 2009

City workers destroy perfect park spot

I've been swimming each morning at Ala Moana Beach Park for the past 15 years. Yesterday morning my heart sank when I witnessed the city park workers tearing apart the grassy area surrounding the outdoor showers toward the Diamond Head end of the park.

The spot, with its green grass, low coconut trees and well-designed underground drainage system, stood out for its beauty and cleanliness. It was a striking example of kokua among community folks caring for the aina. While many of us were happy to help maintain it, the main person responsible for its creation and upkeep has been Jon Jon Kano'onei. Almost daily he came with his own tools to improve and take care of the area.

At a time when community volunteerism is especially needed, it is sad to see our city undermine the spirit and efforts of folks like Jon Jon and his friends. Now, one of the best-kept spots at Ala Moana Beach Park has been uprooted. It's been replaced with a conventional design that is bound to cause erosion and ugliness, as is the case with much of the other outdoor shower areas at the park.

Wallace T. Fukunaga

State can't get away with taking rail funds

The City Council should introduce a bill saying that if the state passes legislation to raid the rail tax money, the county will immediately suspend collecting the 0.5 percent general excise tax surcharge until all the stolen money is repaid with interest. It would be a breach of their fiduciary responsibility - and, more to the point, political suicide - for Council members to knuckle under and allow the state to levy a special tax on Oahu taxpayers that will be used to finance spending on the neighbor islands.

Jim Henshaw

Pedestrians face their own 'pothole' problems

Much fuss and publicity are made about the pothole problems. A more serious problem exists on our sidewalks.

Cars will survive a pothole, but will a pedestrian survive a fall caused by a hole or protrusion in the sidewalk?

On Hotel Street, there is a utility hand-hole box that has an opening on four sides about 2 inches wide by 2 inches deep (between Smith and Bethel).

On Pauahi Street, a section of a cracked sidewalk rises about 3 inches and approximately 8 inches wide. This is left of the exit from the underground parking lot.

I am surprised that these conditions have existed for so long.

Leonard Leong

Maui campers get Super Bowl surprise

Doing the Super Bowl thing is something we share each year in my home. This year we decided to go camping over in Papalauau Park in Lahaina for three nights - Friday, Saturday and Sunday. With our plans to watch this year's Super Bowl in Lahaina, and also to enjoy the warm side of the island, we looked forward to a wonderful weekend.

We pitched our tent, went to town and enjoyed the day. We went to watch the Super Bowl at a local restaurant, then at the sports bar in Kaanapali.

And what a game! Even with our team losing in the final minute.

Imagine our surprise at finding no tent or beach chair when we arrived back at our campsite. We made a quick search, maybe blew in ocean? Tourist or dirt bagger took? We no more need so left it. Who knows?

As we walked through the beach I was complaining, out loud, about it, finally deciding whoever took our things needed them more than we did.

On an inspiration we returned the next morning to the beach. Then, walking back to our car, what do we find covered up neatly in some grass that had been cut? Our tent, covered up with our beach mat, all the inside mats, rugs, pillows, blankets. Who, what, where, when and how!

Thank you for the good, kind, “;do something”; response of someone, a changed mind, and universal gift. Whatever it was, we thank you for some aloha still left on Maui and its extension to us.

Dot Buck
Pukalani, Maui

Retirees can be force to help others

Retired workers of Hawaii, unite!

Let's get active together and give back to our communities. Volunteer doing what you like to do - teach someone to read, work at the Food Bank or call Catholic Charities and ask where you can be most useful.

Let's leave something good behind us. Volunteering and being appreciated for it is better than getting paid. It feels good!

R. Shima




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