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POSTED: Friday, January 09, 2009

How can we help these anonymous lives?

I was busy, had to go here, had to go there. The bus was crowded, my mind was crowded too. As the recorded voice made notice of the stop, I exited. But I took little notice of a man who sat at the corner of Ward Avenue and Beretania Street. Tried once or twice to say hello; this time he did not look well at all. The stop was his home, a place to sit and sleep. His weight prevented traveling very far; a walk to the Circle K and back seemed an enormous effort. This day, he died.

Upon my return I saw four officers and a sheet pulled over his body. No more chances to say hello or offer to buy him something from the store. Perhaps he would have turned down an offer of help ... guess I will never know. If we were family or friends would we have been there in the end? Or would we have said, “;Tomorrow I shall go, today I'm just too busy?”;

Ronald Sexton

U.S. missions in Mideast were justified

History will justify the Bush administration in our endeavor to destroy Saddam Hussein and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, the cradle of terrorism.

I challenge the wisdom of President-elect Barack Obama along with Sen. Daniel Akaka and the ruling party in Congress that the Iraq war was a mistake. Such an idea or conclusion is short-sighted, lacks foresight and is dangerous to the future of our children.

Our outgoing president has done a tremendous job in protecting America after 9/11. The efforts, lives and sacrifice we gave in the Middle East will not be in vain.

Democracy introduced in Iraq and Afghanistan means more peaceful co-existence between the Muslim people and western populations and millions of people on both sides during the coming centuries might be saved from uncalled-for war and misunderstanding.

Bernardo P. Benigno

Bush presidency clearly a failure

First lady Laura Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have recently been defending the president's legacy against those critics who are calling the Bush presidency the worst in U.S. history. In her column “;President Bush is ready to say farewell”; (Star-Bulletin, Dec. 29), Helen Thomas, a senior and highly respected journalist, has, through facts and direct quotes from both George Bush and Vice President Cheney, given us a clear picture of a failed presidency. Would that there were more courageous journalists like Thomas!

Wendell Davenport

Someone must be first to renounce the killing

As long as Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders, and leaders of other faiths, maintain the will and capability to kill there will be no peace in the world. There is a time for all seasons, and now is the time for at least one of them to renounce killing forever and thus merit respectful humanity's call for all others to follow.

Glenn D. Paige
Founder and former president, Center for Global Nonviolence

Stop all motorcycles for noise testing

Why will this not work? Once a week (preferably on a Saturday or Sunday for just one or two hours) on a road or highway, pull over every motorcycle and moped and subject the vehicle to a noise level test at max power acceleration. Over the maximum limit by law results in $1,000 fine, second offense a $2,000 fine.

All cycle and moped owners should receive notice well in advance of the program and be able to have their vehicles tested for free. The fear of these heavy fines should result in dramatic compliance. Also, fireworks allowed in populated areas is insane! Sales must be banned.

Dave Chapnick




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