Recipe search extends into the new year


POSTED: Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I like to start off the year by facing up to my failures. These would be the recipe requests that just leave me scratching my head. If the new year is destined to be lucky, a couple of these mysteries will be solved by someone among you, the helpful readers of this column.

To begin, I've had a number of requests from former isle residents for what they describe as “;local-style”; custard pie and butter rolls. Although I did live on the mainland for more than a decade, I couldn't tell you what the difference is between your average American custard pie or butter roll and what we eat here.

However, I will accept the premise. We have, after all, our own ideas about macaroni salad, chili and dessert items such as the dream cake. Leave Hawaii and you may never find these foods done the same way, unless you do them yourself.

One of my correspondents describes her holy grail of butter rolls as one baked in a muffin tin (so it has a “;hat”; on top), light and buttery. The only recipes she can find are for “;haole-style yeast rolls,”; and they're never the right texture.

As for the pies, I've never gotten a clear explanation.

So—if you know what these needy eaters mean and you have a recipe that you've tested yourself—please send it on. The address is below. A free cookbook goes to anyone whose recipe is used here.



Who has a recipe for:

» Mango bread using whole-wheat flour, no refined sugar and a low-cholesterol oil. C'mon, let's all get healthy.
» Amaguri, a Japanese sweet chestnut.
» Red coconut candy.
» Milk biscuits, like those sold at the Liberty House bakery.
» Sweet-and-sour prunes—not prune mui, but soft, possibly stewed prunes with lemon slices.
» Lahaina-style chow fun.
» Homemade strawberry or “;green river”; syrup.



Regarding these requests involving restaurants now closed, if you don't have a recipe, but do know someone who worked at these restaurants, please write. And P.S: I'm not looking for any more requests in this category; I'm looking for answers.

» Potato salad, braised short ribs or Nabeyaki Udon from Suehiro restaurant.
» Hamburger-macaroni bake served at Lunalilo Elementary School in the early 1980s, or from Elliot's Chuck Wagon.
» Woolworths' fried chicken.
» Hot Sauce Yakisoba from Dai-Ryu House of Noodle.
» Hamburgers from Jon's in Ala Moana Center, or hamburger steak from Uptown Fountain or Chunky's Drive-in.
» Chocolate bread pudding from Scoozee's in Ward Centre, or bread pudding from Save More Supermarket in Hilo.
» Cake doughnuts from Ninth Avenue Bakery in Kaimuki.
» Banana roll from Shung Chong Yuein in Chinatown.
» Apricot or peach pie with tapioca sold many years ago at the St. Louis carnival.
» Hanamizuki Yakinique's haupia sundae.
» Hot Cross Buns from Craig's Bakery in Kailua.
» Alexander Young Bakery's date nut bread.