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POSTED: Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rail transit will help residents go green

I am a 13-year-old kid who lives in Mililani. I currently attend Mililani Middle School. I would just like to express my feelings about the rail transit. I am pro-transit because I want to go green. The rail will make us go green because it will take cars off the road and make less traffic. Fewer cars means less gas emissions.

Spencer Serrao

Greatest Christmas gift doesn't cost a thing

Even in this day of economic downturn, we should not worry about whether we will be able to give the gifts we feel those we care about deserve. We might or might not be able to travel to the store and lay down the cash for any brand-new cars, computers or toys, but we can provide in plenty the gift that most everyone is needing and looking for. We can love one another. The gift of love for one's family, friends and especially one's enemies can be the best gift ever delivered at the holidays or any other time of year. If it's given in sincerity, it can also be a unique gift indeed. This gift can be provided and delivered “;in bulk,”; as it costs us nothing to love all of those around us and, like the joy of Christmas, it is a tradition that is wonderful to carry into the rest of the year.

So let that little light of love shine on, for it is how Jesus 2,000 years ago told us to best remember his own great love for us.

Will Lance

Dark forces in play as money drains away

The old black magic has cast its spell,

That old black magic that Reagan sold so well

“;Trust the marketplace, self-interest, deregulation,

Laissez-faire and the wisdom of corporations.

The CEOs will take much more than their due;

Don't worry, it will trickle down to you.”;

But all that came crashing down on me

Was the dollar, stocks, the whole economy.

In a spin

Where nobody wins

Except CEOs bailing out with all that loot

In their golden parachutes.

The magic, you see,

Is that the perpetrators get off scot-free.

Richard Y. Will

National health care is good for economy

We need national health coverage to ensure economic recovery and economic survival. Our fastest-growing job area is in health services, and these are permanent jobs. Many countries we compete with, like Japan and Germany, have national health, and this cost is not attached to every production man-hour as we do it here. If France and Cuba can have it, we can, too. Hospitals are bridges to and from American life, and they need upgrading. We must prove we value the life of the individual American and reward ourselves for our service to others.

Carol Fanning

Airport unrest stems from lack of options

The past week has brought chaos to Kauai's airport. The first incident was an entire family letting their children run wild during a flight, believing their little ones were just so cute, but disturbing everyone else. It was a real-life incident of “;kids gone wild.”; The second incident was when a 55-year-old man assaulted a flight attendant, and the third and most recent was a 22-year-old male taking his aggressions out on a kiosk and having to be restrained.

The reason everyone is going crazy at the Lihue airport is that we have no other way to travel long distance in or out of Kauai. Residents and visitors are traumatized by having to rely on air travel for all off-island travel.

These problems will only get worse until such time as an alternative means of travel is introduced. Airports are stressful places with security checks, arriving early and not being able to carry bottled water or even a nail clipper.

I know a sure way to ease the tensions at the airport: Bring back da Superferry!

James “;Kimo”; Rosen
Kapaa, Kauai

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