Letters to the Editor


POSTED: Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Better make sure your Ponzi scheme pays off

If theft you choose to be your crime,

  Be sure it qualifies big time.

Like Bernie Madoff, plot each deal,

  To make your victim loudly squeal.

For if your theft is cheaply wrought,

  You land in jail when you are caught.

But if it's billions that you steal,

  You earn the right to cut a deal.

C.W. Griffin
Phoenix and Honolulu


'Lack of resources' isn't a good excuse

I have read recently several letters in your paper about noise complaints concerning automobile boom-boxes. I recall that the Hawaii Legislature passed a law 20 years ago that required the Honolulu Police Department to carry decibel-measuring boxes in their vehicles to ticket the noisy culprits, but this successful deterrence did not last long (less than two years) due to resources and inconvenience for HPD.

I also recall that two past consecutive governors whom I voted for were against mass transit mainly because former Mayor Frank Fasi of Honolulu, who was born and raised in Connecticut, was vigorously for it. Fasi grew up in a big city and saw the wisdom of mass transit. Today, Mayor Mufi Hannemann faces the same obstacle from late-comers to the arena. Who was right, considering today's horrendous traffic jams? A lack of resources?

I wrote you about 15 years ago concerning our large uninsured-driver population. The reply from City Hall was that there was a lack of resources at the Department of Motor Vehicles to check one more document during annual vehicle registration. Were they for real? HPD was left to do it while checking documents during the issuance of citations.

The problem wasn't resources but just plain humbug. Perhaps now we can hire more police officers? But we don't have the resources since the economy is down and tax revenue is projected to decrease. Can anyone hear me out there or is it just humbug?

Donald J. Mack


How can we get laws on noise enforced?

I see many letters to the editor concerning the following noise pollution problems:

» Modified vehicle exhaust systems in residential neighborhoods and on our streets and freeways.
» Boom Boxes in vehicles, etc.
» Roosters crowing at all hours near our residences.
» Dogs barking at all hours near our residences.
» Leaf blowers near our residences.
» Loud talking on cell phones on the streets, in the markets and other public places.
» Fireworks, aerial and otherwise near our residences at all times of the year.
» Helicopters and other aircraft, mostly military, over our homes.
» Noisy neighbors of all types.

I've been told by people who have lived here all their lives, not to bother with calling the police or other authorities, as nothing much will happen.

The reason always seems to be, there is not enough funding for these problems.

So, I am thinking this is really just another form of corruption.

Please tell me this isn't true, and what you and other readers think citizens can do about it.

Bill Russell


Store should spend more money on payroll

After witnessing the union-busting activities of Times supermarket, I have no sympathy for them in their efforts to get more people to shop at their stores.

Instead of paying all that money for television advertising to try to convince everybody what a good place they are to shop, they could have spent that money paying the employees whose jobs they eliminated.

As a former Times customer, I will never shop there again.

David W. Morgan
Ewa Beach


Just say 'Yes!' to Ford for refusing bailout

Hooray to the Ford Motor Company and its president and chief executive officer Alan Mulally for respectfully declining a short-term loan from the government, while lauding the Bush administration's decision to aid Ford's American competitors.

In a day when it is so easy to accept handouts from the government, it is refreshing to hear someone say, “;No thanks.”;

Kit Beuret


Bailout is like throwing gasoline on a fire

To all those who are blaming greedy bankers for the financial crisis get a clue. Bankers didn't wake up one day in 2003 and decide, “;Gee, let's give greed a try.”; There has been no discernable change in the level of bankers' greed since the Lydians coined the first money 3,000 years ago.

Neither can the crisis be blamed on a deregulated free market banking system. Our financial system has been firmly under the thumb of the government since the Federal Reserve System was set up 90 years ago.

A five-year FRS generated credit expansion led to a bubble. Banks make money by making loans. As cheap money flowed into the financial markets, many questionable loans and practices seemed profitable.

As long as the cheap money flowed, the process continued and the instability it would ultimately cause became worse. The only cure for this is a liquidation process with minimum government meddling.

The massive credit bailout to the financial market makes as much sense as attempting to put out a fire with gasoline instead of water. The bailout will lengthen the period it takes to reach a bottom and make the bottom worse.

Tracy Ryan


Little things add up in saving electricity

A simple way to save electricity: Fill up the empty spaces in your refrigerator with air-tight containers. This will lessen the air that needs to be cooled. Leave enough space for air circulation.

Ruth Shima