Sniffing out the perfect present


POSTED: Friday, December 12, 2008

Our furry friends might know nothing about holiday traditions, nor care. But nonetheless, many are pampered with an abundance of holiday cheer and wake up on Christmas morning to find treats or toys tucked under the tree.

Bones and simple playthings may be enough for the family dog. If not, options are limitless. Outfits are a top choice, including personalized T-shirts, pajamas, raincoats, sweatshirts and dresses; and accessories such as collars, hats and ties. Additional alternatives: Santa outfits and other holiday garb.

Cats can enjoy catnip-filled playthings or yarn and feather toys that provide for interaction between felines and their owners.

The gifts might appear to be more for the pet owner than for the pet, but everyone ends up happy in the end.


1. Cats will love the Fling-ama-string, a battery-operated toy that hangs on a doorknob and claims to improve paw-eye coordination, $29.95 at True Friends, Ala Moana Center.

2. A men's brief underwear toy with squeaker for man's best friend, $18.95.

3. Clown Fish Catnip Toys are $8.95 at True Friends.

4 and 9. Bite-Meez Hand Puppet Dog Toys take the form of pink Poodles, Dalmatians and an assortment of furry friends, including a cat. Trimmed with fleece squeakers, the puppets protect owners' hands as they play with their dogs. Not for aggressive or large dogs who might bite through padding, $14.95 at True Friends.

5. The 4 Prong Spring Thing by Loopies jingles and wobbles and is filled with organic catnip, $12.95 at True Friends.

6. Grrrona is a toy covered with a soft plush fabric and embroidered detailing, and contains a squeaker, $18.95 at True Friends.

7. Color spa shampoos are available for golden blond, brunette and white coats for $12.75 at 55 Pawsh Place.

8. The Fill-N-Freeze dog bone can be filled with broth, juice or water to make a popsicle; $7.50 at 55 Pawsh Place.

10. Dogs can help their owners support UH players with a simple lime green shirt ($12.95); a UH warrior helmet shirt ($16.96); and a UH bling shirt ($19.95) at True Friends.